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3 Jeans + Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas To Show Off Your Personality

3 Jeans + Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas To Show Off Your Personality

This post contains items that were gifted from Thrift Vintage Fashion. Everything else is 100% me.

3 Jeans + Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas To Show Off Your Personality Jeans + T-shirt: A Classic Outfit Combination

When you think of a basic outfit, jeans and a t-shirt probably come to mind. It’s something a lot of us wear on a regular basis and don’t really put much thought into.

It is a go-to combination for me but, as an outfit repeater, I also like to have fun with it and try to add a little twist every time I put on jeans and a t-shirt.

I recently shared a post where I unboxed music-themed graphic tees gifted to me from Thrift Vintage Fashion. Having some new-to-me t-shirts sounded like the perfect time to play around with some fresh combinations and share them all with you!

Without further ado, here are 3 ways I styled jeans + a graphic tee to show off my personality and elevate a basic outfit combination!


Details That Make A Black Graphic Tee Pop

The first music t-shirt I styled is a black Sublime band tee. There were so many colors going on but I pared down the rest of my outfit to be all black so the band logo could really POP!

Because I don’t normally wear all black, I added lots of little details to spice up the outfit. You’ll notice a pork pie hat that makes me look like part of the band, a plaid button-up tied around my waist to give a nod to grunge, and sneakers to give it a cool casual vibe!

hannah is wearing an all black outfit with a graphic tee, jeans, sneakers hat, and plaid around her waist.

An Unexpected Jeans + Band Tee Outfit

I’m probably most obsessed with this gray Rolling Stone t-shirt with the iconic red lip logo. I love a red lip so of course I had to recreate it!

This outfit combination is probably the most unexpected – similar to how I previously discussed the wrong outfit theory – I added a beautiful kimono to give juxtaposition to this hard rock t-shirt.

To make it seem cohesive, I included all red accessories from my earrings to my shoes!

hannah is smiling in a gray Rolling Stone t-shirt paired with a red floral kimono, light wash straight leg jeans, red ballet flats, and red lipstick

A Denim on Denim Outfit Combination

Thrift Vintage Fashion was kind enough to send along a bonus vintage denim jacket with fringe so of course I had to incorporate that into one of the looks. It seemed most fitting to wear with the pastel shades of the white Woodstock t-shirt.

I gave in to the hippie vibes and wore the top combo with my biggest flared jeans. Some booties + homemade cow print earrings really topped it all off!

More Style Tips For Wearing Jeans + A T-shirt

Aside from the examples given in this post, there’s a plethora of ways to keep styling jeans + a t-shirt depending on your personal style, the weather or season you’re going through, and even the cut and color of the shirt!

A few other layers or styling tricks you might want to try are:

  • Wear a leather jacket or cardigan
  • Do a front tuck, full tuck, or tie up your t-shirt
  • Lean into the “wrong outfit” theory with different shoe styles like high heels or thigh-high boots
  • Cuff your jeans or give them a messy roll at the hem

The possibilities are endless!

3 Jeans + Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas To Show Off Your Personality

The Power of Personal Style

With the right mix of creativity, accessorizing, and personal expression, your jeans and graphic tees can become a powerful tool for showcasing your personality.

So go ahead and have fun experimenting with different combinations! After all, fashion should be fun, relatable, and a reflection of your personal style journey.

If you liked this post, please be sure to Pin it to recreate the outfits later!

3 Jeans + Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas To Show Off Your Personality



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