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I Tried A Mystery Rock and Roll T-shirt Box & Was Honestly Surprised

I Tried A Mystery Rock and Roll T-shirt Box & Was Honestly Surprised

This post is sponsored by Thrift Vintage Fashion. All opinions expressed are my own honest thoughts. Everything else is 100% me.

thrift vintage fashion mystery t-shirt box reviewTrying a Mystery Clothing Box

*Drumroll, please….*

(that joke will make sense in a minute)

One company is making it their mission to save as many discarded duds as possible and I’m excited to be partnering with them for this post!

Thrift Vintage Fashion is a family-owned vintage wholesaler that provides products in bulk to resellers around the globe, hosts in-person flea markets, and runs an outlet store at its home base of Miami, Florida.

In addition to rescuing clothes from landfills, they also provide mystery boxes for fashionistas, like me, who like to thrift online from the comfort of home.

They reached out and offered to send me something in exchange for this post so I pursued their wide variety of mystery boxes and settled on the Rock & Music t-shirt box. The Rock & Music Mystery T-Shirt Box starts at $55 for 3 t-shirts and is available in sizes S-2XL.

It arrived very quickly and I was very impressed by what I received! If you want to see what I got inside, then let’s rock and roll!

Why Choose A Mystery Box From Thrift Vintage Fashion?

I’ve tried many mystery boxes and subscription services over the years. I think the biggest allure is that you never know what it’s inside!

If you’re a fan of surprises, this sort of mystery mail probably appeals to you, too.

I appreciate that Thrift Vintage Fashion has a sustainable approach to a mystery box and is helping to salvage secondhand clothes and keep fashion circular. What they do is good for the environment, is helpful to resellers, and is fun for ordinary shoppers like me.

What’s not to love?!

thrift vintage fashion mystery t-shirt box review

What I Got In My Mystery Box From Thrift Vintage Fashion

Every mystery box is picked at random by their in-house Thrift Experts. I would say this box totally delivered on its promise of Rock and Music t-shirts!

First up is a classic Rolling Stones t-shirt. It’s made of a very soft, worn-in gray fabric with the iconic red mouth logo.

gray rolling stones t-shirt with red logo icon. thrift vintage fashion mystery t-shirt box review

The second shirt I unboxed is a black tee with the logo for the ska punk band, Sublime. It was very unexpected! And while the graphic is a bit heavier than I normally wear, I’m excited to wear it, nonetheless. It’s good to try new things!

black t-shirt with ska punk band sublime artwork. thrift vintage fashion mystery t-shirt box review

And the last tee pulled from the box is this white top with a brightly colored image that references the anniversary of Woodstock.

In a sea of band t-shirts that are normally black, white, and gray; it was refreshing to find one with such pretty colors!

white t-shirt with woodstock design on it. thrift vintage fashion mystery t-shirt box review

Would I Re-Order A Mystery Box From Thrift Vintage Fashion?

Thank you to Thrift Vintage Fashion for the awesome mystery box! I had fun anticipating what would be inside and look forward to styling everything for future outfit posts on my blog. (P.S. please send outfit ideas!)

I would consider ordering a mystery box again in the future—probably from a different genre—as it’s a cool way to shake up your style.

The price is a little steep for me to do that on a regular basis but I think it’d be OK to do it every once in a while!

Have you shopped from Thrift Vintage Fashion before? What do you think of a mystery box of secondhand clothing? Would you buy one?

3 music themed graphic t-shirts. thrift vintage fashion mystery t-shirt box review



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