You Know You’re Obsessed With Thrifting When..

I’d argue that no one has seen more thrift store interiors than me. If you think you have, we should be best friends. But if you’re not sure then you should read this blog post and see how truly dedicated you are.

thrift store shopping obsessed Mackelmore funny list

…  the thought of spending a Saturday in a packed Goodwill gets you excited.

… it’s all you want to talk about with your friends but they just don’t get it.

… you never miss a single sale day even if you’re sick. (This is a real thing I’ve done.)

… “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore is your jam.

… there’s nothing like the smell of a thrift store in the morning.

… more than half of your wardrobe is secondhand.

… you and the staff at your local thrift store are on a first name basis. (Bonus points if out-of-town locations remember you, too!)

… that’s where you do all your gift shopping.

… you’ve struck up conversation with a stranger about small clown figurines and it didn’t seem weird.

… haggling prices is a second language to you.

… you get sticker shock at major retail stores.

… thrift stores feel like your home away from home.

… you’ve witnessed fellow customers at all stages of undressed and no one batted an eye.

… your puzzles and board games contain mysterious pet fur.

… you can think of a lot more things to add to this list!

Let me know down in the comments how you did. Also, be sure to share this with your thrifty friends and see who ranks highest!