Where To Find New Bloggers To Follow

How do internet influencers always seem to uncover the coolest people and links online?!

This has stumped me for years but I think I’ve finally tapped into their secrets and have found a way to discover new bloggers all on my own. (Ideally I’d love to have more followers myself but I’ll totally share the spotlight with others!)

This post is mostly aimed at fashion bloggers but can be applied to your desired niche – just adapt it to fit your needs. Read on for tips on where to find new bloggers and maybe even your future best friend!

Where do I find cool bloggers to follow and content to share on social media?

Search through fashion-centered websites

Lookbook, Chictopia, Stylegawker, and the Modcloth Style Gallery are all a great place to scout stylish people and their blogs.

Who I found: Melodic Thrifty & Chic, Becky Bedbug, and Specs and the City

Utilize Hashtags

Wherever you can search through hashtags, DO IT! This works on most social media sites, except Pinterest – that’s a waste of time. Also remember that there are some Instagram-only bloggers out there. It’s harder to track them down on Instagram but hashtags are your best bet for finding them.

Who I found: My Friend Court, Tiffany Ima, and Lala Faux Bois

Scan Pinterest

You know those pictures you pin on Pinterest? You can click through them and visit websites. Groundbreaking technology, folks! Don’t just pin and hope to come back to it later (you won’t). Actually take the time to click through to the websites and meet the people behind the pins.

Who I found: The Adored Life, Twee Valley High, and Fleur d’Elise

Twee Valley High Vintage Blogger Kristina[image: Twee Valley High]

Use designated Facebook and Google+ communities

Facebook and Google+ both offer groups and communities for you to be a part of and to connect with other people. Search for these and even ask for invitations from users already in the know.

Who I found: Adorned in Armor, Style Tab, and Alicia Tenise

Do a Google search

I feel like I shouldn’t have to write this because it’s so obvious but please don’t forget how simple it is to do a quick search for “fashion bloggers” or “people wearing cool outfits”. (Hey, I’m a simple person.)

Who I found: Xander Vintage, Larkspur Vintage, and Fabulously Average

Stalk YouTubers

Fun fact: sometimes YouTubers moonlight as bloggers! It might be worth your time to stalk your favorite video maker and see if they also have a blog link.

Who I found: Thrift Your Heart Out and The Pineneedle Collective

Pineneedle Collective Blogger & YouTuber Annika[image: Pineneedle Collective]

Search on Bloglovin

Bloglovin’ is a blog subscription service that frequently uses your sidebar to promote new blogs you might like. However, they tend to favor “big” bloggers over little ones. It’s a sad truth but you can still find gems if you search through the activity of a blog.

Who I found: Noelle’s Favorite Things, I Want You To Know, and Chioma’s Evolution of Style

Browse Tumblr

Tumblr is a blog platform in itself so it’s quite simple to find new people to follow. This is one of those sites where hashtags are vital, as are good search terms.

Who I found: Thrift-o-rama, Curvily, and In The Thick Of It

Scan the comment section

The comment section is known as a sketchy place but can sometimes present itself with new bloggers to meet that are actually really nice people. Just as you would click on a link, remember to leave your link in comments!

Who I found: Someone Like You

Dig through social sharing sites

StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg and the like are sharing sites that are a mecca of new things to discover. Each operate a little differently but are great for finding obscure recommendations you won’t find anywhere else.

Use what you got

If you’re a blogger, use your platform to ask for recommendations. Your readers/friends would love to help you out!

Who I found: Rya Pie, Nora Finds and Petite Panoply

Where do I find cool bloggers to follow and content to share on social media?

Where do you find new bloggers to follow? Let me know in the comments below! I may even add it to this list and credit it back to you. 🙂