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What To Wear For April Showers

What To Wear For April Showers

Here’s how a few style staples are getting me through April showers.

Mother Nature sure knows how to make it rain! This is my favorite weather to observe through a window, preferably sitting in a big, comfy chair.

But for the times when I have to venture out, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to dress for the weather!

A cute but functional coat

This beige jacket is super light weight but the fabric makes it great for wicking away moisture. As I covered in an earlier blog post, it also makes me feel delightfully ’80s!

An umbrella that goes with everything

Of all the fashion media that I digest, it was actually my sister that clued me in to these bubble-style umbrellas. It’s so retro and I love that it’s transparent because it both matches any outfit I’m wearing and makes me more aware of my surroundings.. like a low flying bird getting ready to poop on me.

Rain boots made for puddle hopping

If you don’t have decent rain boots then you are missing out on some great puddle hopping opportunities.

Wearing socks with my boots is a must because I love the extra layer of protection from the elements. Also, socks are like a warm hug for your foot. #YeahIWentThere

And because you also see me wearing flats in this post, that’s because I believe in wearing boots while you commute and then changing into human shoes when you get to your destination. It’s such a small detail but can really make all the difference in your comfort while travelling.

My bonus tip is to wear shorts under dresses in case any stray wind catches the fabric. I’d always rather be safe than sorry!

What are your best rainy day outfit tips? Let me know in the comments!

Oh and here’s an actual photo of me when it started raining while taking these pictures. You’re welcome.

Thrifted dress, scarf, and pin, $2 total
AMIClubwear jacket, c/o
Outlet store umbrella and shoes, $15 total
MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo (shop exact lipstick)


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April 5, 2017 9:15 pm

The all the shades of red!


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