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Restyling My 12 Best Thrifted Clothes of The Year

Restyling My 12 Best Thrifted Clothes of The Year

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Then & Now

It’s the end of the year as we know it and I feel… exactly the same as when the year started. Actually a little worse. ?

Managing my symptoms after (finally!) getting diagnosed with POTS this year hasn’t quite gone the way I’d hoped, but I was able to control what I was wearing and there were some KNOCKOUT looks in 2021!

In this post, I’m looking back at 12 of my best thrifted pieces, how I styled them originally, and then re-styling them to see how my style has changed since they entered my closet. Let’s dive in, shall we?

(Also, hello, new highlights! I just debuted them last week on Instagram and this is their first blog post appearance!)

NASA T-shirt

After thrifting this NASA t-shirt from thredUP, I styled it appropriately with a jumpsuit, waiting for my chance to board a space shuttle.

But back on Earth, in present day, I styled it with some blue palazzo pants and a stellar moto jacket. I think I’m better suited as an Earth girl!

Ice-cream PJ Set

This ice-cream PJ set is vintage Esprit (!!!!) that I picked up during the luckiest 30th birthday thrifting trip EVER! It’s fun to sleep in but people need to see it! So a good friend of mine said I had to wear it as an everyday outfit so I re-styled it here with an all black ensemble with pops of pink.

Green Floral Dress

I have yet to have an occasion to wear this green floral dress though I’m sure I’ll wear it to lots of spring birthday outings! For now, I imagined it with colorful tights and a moto jacket. (I swear I wear more than moto jackets! ?)

Denim Jacket

This long denim jacket is such a closet MVP! It’s very casual, as you can see represented in both looks, but that’s exactly what I love about it.

Remember when I wore it over a sequin dress? It can make everything look relaxed which means I can wear more of my closet without feeling overdressed for an occasion.

Cow Print Dress

I’m obsessed with this dress! It’s great to grab and go with just a pair of leggings and still feel funky. That’s how I wore it the first time but now I’m branching into pattern-mixing territory… maybe I’ll do a moto jacket next! ?

Vintage Floral Dress

Long story short, I thrifted this dress at the very last minute to wear to my niece’s Fall wedding. I felt so cool and confident knowing I was the only one wearing something like it.

Flash forward to now and I’m having fun pairing it with other vintage pieces and having my own Molly Ringwald moment!

Teal Lacy Dress

This dress was what I was originally going to wear to my niece’s wedding but then it shrunk in the wash. (The “then” photo was literally before it got washed. If you look closely at the “now” pic, you can see a few inches are gone above my knee!)

So now that it’s shrunk, I only feel comfortable sporting it with some tights so I don’t flash anyone. I’m really loving how this new look came together!

Pink Denim Jacket

I’m so happy to own this pink denim jacket! And the compliments I get when I wear it are just a bonus!

I actually don’t have a lot of pink clothing in my closet (shocking, I know) so I like to wear this jacket with complementary colors like red. Because of that, I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it around Valentine’s Day!

Denim Wide Sleeve Cover-up

This denim cover-up is so epic. Truly one of the most unique things in my closet!

I’ve previously styled it to be “dressy” with a floral jumpsuit but prefer tossing it over a graphic t-shirt and statement pants to make a cool, casual look.

Red Palazzo Pants

Arguably my best thrift find this year; these red palazzo pants are loved by all. And I love styling them!

You’ll see them a lot on my TikTok so I tried really hard to come up with a new idea that’s exclusive to this blog. I went with a yellow tank top and white denim jacket! Ketchup and mustard, anyone?

Baby Blue Cardigan

How cute is this cardigan? It’s the exact color blue that I’m crushing on, as discussed in my last blog post.

I originally wore it in a colorful ensemble but decided to try out a more monotone look, if that’s what you’d call it. I felt very fresh for Spring!

Plaid High Waisted Pants

I saved the best for last. Hopefully, you agree with me!

After searching for plaid high-waisted pants for yearsthe thrift gods finally blessed me with some and I’m trying to not let them down. I continued with the rock’n’roll vibes (funny coincidence that I posed very similarly in both photos!) and topped it off with a true vintage Members Only jacket.

Thank You, Next

Thank you for hanging out with me for another stylish year on The Outfit Repeater! Please Pin your favorite outfit. Also, which looks were your favorite? Did you prefer my style “then” or “now”? I’m very curious!

Cheers to the new year! Happy 2022! ??✨



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