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Uh Oh! ThredUp Just Made BIG Changes To Their Clean Out Kit Service

Uh Oh! ThredUp Just Made BIG Changes To Their Clean Out Kit Service

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an oversized thredUP Clean Out Kit bag against a pink background

An Overview Of The ThredUp Clean Out Kit Service

Passing your clothes off to someone else to sell sounds like a dream! But in reality, it can be quite a hassle with very little payoff.

I’ve previously written a full review about my experience with the ThredUp Clean Out Kit service before and have even since sent in more bags of clothes. The payouts are never anything to write home about and I’m afraid they’re about to get worse from here on out.

ThredUp is modifying the program and making it more difficult for regular folks to flip their discarded duds.

So what’s changed since my last review in 2018? Read on to learn more about what’s going on with the ThredUp Clean Out Kit service!

What Is The thredUP Clean Out Kit Service?

On the surface, using the ThredUp Clean Out Kit service seems like an ideal situation. You have clothes you want to get rid of and they’re offering to help take care of them in a responsible way via reselling or recycling.

But like all good things, there are some catches.

• Ordering a big bag, as seen in this post, is $2.99. However, you can print your own shipping label at home for free and send in your donation using any bag or box you have around.

• For items ThredUp doesn’t list, they can be responsibly reused or recycled for free. Or the items can be returned to you for a $10.99 fee. (There is another fee for a listing that doesn’t sell that you want back – see the next section to learn about that!)

• On average, only 50% of items sent in qualify to be listed.

• Once accepted, you can adjust your listing price to change your payout. This is basically like getting to set your own price for an item if you feel like ThredUp didn’t price it fairly.

• You get paid out on each sold item once the 14-day return window has passed. If your items sell slowly, one at a time, you get potentially be getting payouts at random times throughout the 30 or 45-day consignment window.

A $14.99 service fee will be deducted from your total earnings. I had to make this bold because this is a BIG deal! If you think this service is free, think again!

• Cashouts are given using Stripe (straight to a bank account) OR your PayPal OR can be donated to a charitable partner of ThredUp’s choosing, which is currently the Susan G. Komen foundation (aka a charity infamous for pinkwashing. hmmm….).

Updates To The ThredUp Clean Out Kit Service (As of 2023)

ThredUp recently made changes to their Clean Out Kit service. So what do those changes mean for us?

• The ThredUp processing time is now about 7 weeks, which means after sending in your kit, you’ll be waiting almost 2 months to be notified if your items were chosen or not. If you’re trying to flip your items for quick cash, it’s going to take a while!

UPDATE 6/23 – Summer kits are being handled with a FREE “Rush processing” in 2 weeks

• Once your item has been accepted, there is a limited price adjustment to a maximum of 10% of the listing price. If the item isn’t high value in the first place, you’re really not going to make much at all.

• There is a $5.99 reclaim fee for each item regardless of any price adjustments. If you regret sending in a high-end piece that will only earn you a couple of bucks, there’s a fee for getting it back or else it becomes property of ThredUp!

information for a thredUP Clean Out Kit against a pink background

Tips & Best Practices For Using The ThredUp Clean Out Kit Service

I don’t want to discourage anyone from using this service as I still believe there are some benefits, as long as you navigate it strategically and keep your expectations low. Before sending in your donations, take this advice into consideration for a smoother experience!

• Carefully follow the current selling guide on ThredUp and only send in those items. You don’t want to lose out on any valuable pieces because you sent them during the wrong season!

• Use their Payout Calculator to determine if it’s worth sending your pieces in at all.

• To get the maximum payout without paying in, opt for a free shipping label and choose to have your items donated if unsold.

• Going back to my first point, make sure your items are in clean, current, and wearable condition for the best chance of being chosen.

PRO TIP: Many people do not send in designer items or NWT pieces. Send them or resell them elsewhere for a more fair payout. Stick with mid-priced brands from the ThredUp selling guide for a reasonable payout.

My Final Thoughts About The ThredUp Clean Out Kit Service

Using the ThredUp Clean Out Kit Service will by no means make you rich. If that’s what you’re hoping for, just skip this program.

In my experience, I sell an average of 7 pieces with a median $15 total payout per bag that I send in. (And with all these fee changes, I’d be making nothing!)

With the updates I’ve outlined in this post, I think your best bet is NOT to cash out but rather use the funds as store credit on the ThredUp website.

I’m both a ThredUp partner and a secondhand fan and use lots of earned ThredUp credit every month to buy cool stuff!

My bottom line is, if you have the time and means to sell items yourself, do it. If you don’t have the time and means, give this program a try or donate the items to a local organization.


What do you think of these things and how will they impact the way you donate to ThredUp? Sound off in the comments!

an oversized thredUP Clean Out Kit bag against a pink background

Uh Oh! thredUP Just Made BIG Changes To Their Clean Out Kit Service



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July 31, 2023 10:04 am

I wish I would have done a little more research on ThredUp before doing a clean out! It has been about 3 months since ThredUp has RECEIVED my clean out and it looks like it will be another month until it will be “processed.” I don’t think this service is worth it at all for sort of regular people who are cleaning out their closet. I didn’t mind waiting a little bit, but I would have done much much better to do a local consignment than ever to mess with ThredUp.

August 27, 2023 5:19 am

I rarely if ever use TU anymore. The $14 shipping fee threw me for a loop and what I sell – like you – after all the fees and discounts amounts to zero funds. I go to consignment shops to resell and/or donate clothing that just will not sell. Sometimes I will discount on EB for auction starting at 99c.
I’m being very cautious what I pay & source for clothing and brands. No more no-name mall items.

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