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This Kidult Outfit Is Pure Joy

This Kidult Outfit Is Pure Joy

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Embracing Kidult Style

Who says growing up means letting go of the whimsy and joy we had as kids?

Kidult style is all about embracing those things you loved long ago and making them work for you as an adult.

Though this term has been used since the 1950s, I only heard about it in the last couple of years and it really helped explain the aesthetic I grew up with and strived for.

I like to joke that thrifting is a way to buy back your childhood, but it’s also a way to buy the style you’ve always wanted. Whether that’s sophisticated, preppy, colorful, or anything in between.

Now that I’m a big kid with money from a big kid job, I can more easily acquire the things from my past that I always wanted or never got.

The outfit in this post is a nod to that. Let’s explore this look and redefine fashion rules that tell us what to wear!

Closet Confession

I have to admit that this outfit wasn’t something I put together myself. If it looks familiar, it’s because it first appeared on my TikTok a while back.

I used a sound to create an outfit about “How to Dress Like You Belong on a Pinterest Board.” I didn’t expect it to kind of be a vibe but I snapped a picture of it anyways!

So, why does this outfit work? It’s all about balance. The relaxed, flowy palazzos offer a sophisticated base, grounding the cartoonish charm of Garfield’s smug grin.

It’s unexpected, eye-catching, and totally me.

hannah is wearing a garfield tshirt, black denim jacket, black pork pie hat, teal palazzo pants, red purse, and sneakers


Everything thrifted, >20 | Old ASOS pork pie hat | Old Walmart sneakers

hannah is wearing a garfield tshirt, black denim jacket, black pork pie hat, teal palazzo pants, red purse, and sneakers

Expressing Your Inner Child

Kidult fashion isn’t just about one perfect outfit. It’s about weaving your inner child into your everyday style.

Dust off that vintage band tee, rock your favorite anime socks with a pair of sweet kicks, or let your childhood comic book heroes peek out from under a blazer.

It’s about saying, “Yes, I love the 1980s, and yes, I have bills to pay.”

I want to hear from you! How do you express your inner child through fashion? Let’s inspire each other to embrace the magic of being a kidult together!



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