The Basics of a Simple Outfit

denim-red-lips-outfit-05I’m going back to my style blogging roots with a simple outfit today.

I’ve been out of the jean scene for a long time. I had bought a pair or two after losing weight 2+ years ago but I just never loved the way they fit me and retired myself to the fact that I would live out my years in leggings because they fit my shape better.

But recently I got it in my head that I should find pants that fit my new body and I just happened to find some great jeans online (!) and took a chance on them. Thank God for that because now I can bug you guys with denim-on-denim outfits again!

denim-red-lips-outfit-03denim-red-lips-outfit-01denim-red-lips-outfit-04 Denim top – $1.50 (thrifted)
Jeans – paid w/ gift card (
Coat – $9 (thrifted)
Booties – $15 (K-Mart, old)
Bandanna – old
Gloves – gift
Key necklace – $1 (bargain store)
Red lipstick – Viva Glam 1 by M.A.C.

(Also, just thought I should point on that these pictures are from a few weeks ago. It is not coat + glove weather anymore!)