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Jeans I Thrifted + 3 Ways I’m Styling Them

Jeans I Thrifted + 3 Ways I’m Styling Them

3 ways Hannah Rupp styled a pair of thrifted Levi jeansThrifting a Pair of Jeans

One thing I hear over and over from my internet community is the painful process of trying to thrift jeans. (This goes for in-person and online.) I feel ya!

So what do you do when you try on a pair of jeans at a thrift store and they fit you perfectly? Buy them without a second thought and style them immediately. Oh, and, don’t forget to do a happy dance in the dressing room!

I recently struck gold by finding a pair of gray Levi high-waisted jeans at the thrift store. With or without an available dressing room, I always carry a retractable measuring tape with me to help me find the perfect fit and save me the trouble of trying on my finds.

I held it up to pair after pair with no luck.

Then these Levi’s matched all my measurements so I threw them in my cart to try on. To not much of a surprise, they were the perfect fit. And they’ve got just enough stretch in them to make them comfy, too!

The price tag was a lot higher than I normally pay – $11 – but I rarely find jeans that fit and are something that will fill a gap in my closet so I bit the bullet and bought them. So far, no regrets!

How I Styled My Thrifted Jeans

These thrifted jeans are a good, neutral counterpart to my rainbow wardrobe. I’m in need of darker colors to anchor my outfits so I had fun playing around in my closet and coming up with combinations. Here’s how I styled my thrifted jeans!

Styling My Thrifted Jeans With a Sweatshirt

The fit of these thrifted jeans can be casual so I leaned into that with my first look. It’s a thrifted sweatshirt that I cropped myself, a pair of old sneakers, and a simple necklace.

I could take this even further with a plaid around my waist or a denim jacket. It’s a great throw-and-go look!

hannah rupp is similar wearing a green cropped sweatshirt and high waisted thrifted jeans

Styling My Thrifted Jeans With a Moto Jacket

I am really digging the second way I styled my thrifted jeans. As soon as I saw them, I knew they were meant to be worn with a moto jacket.

This look feels so cool! Plus I could style a plethora of different tops and tees under the moto jacket to change the look ever so slightly. I added the beret and red lipstick to give it a feminine edge.

hannah rupp is smiling wearing a red beret and red lipstick. she has on a black graphic tee, moto jacket, and thrifted high waisted Levi jeans.

Styling My Thrifted Jeans With an Oversized Vintage Blazer

My last look was inspired by a similar ‘fit I wore many years ago that involved flared jeans, a graphic tee, and this oversized vintage blazer. I recreated (or outfit repeated!) the whole thing but swapped out the flared jeans for these new thrifted Levi jeans.

I am obsessed with the look!

hannah rupp is posing in a graphic tee shirt, oversized vintage plaid blazer, and high waisted thrifted jeans. she's kicking up her heel to reveal a white heeled boot.

Tips For Thrifting Jeans

If you’re trying to thrift a pair of jeans and could use some help/encouragement, remember to:

  • Carry a measuring tape and check every pair that catches your eye
  • Thrift outside of your usual size, go up and down at least 2 sizes, if possible
  • Pay attention to the care tag/fabric content. Spandex will give you more wiggle room with the size!
  • Wear a dress, skirt, or biker shorts when thrifting so you can try jeans on over your clothes if a fitting room isn’t available
  • Be patient! 🙂


What tips would you add to this list? What do you think of these outfits?

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