What Happened When I Shopped at Goodwill Stoughton

This post is in partnership with Goodwill of SCWI.

Ain’t no party like a Goodwill party because a Goodwill party don’t stop!

My Stoughton Goodwill Shopping Experience

Earlier this week, I was invited to Goodwill of Stoughton, Wisconsin to help them celebrate their one anniversary. In addition to my takeover on their Instagram account, I also wanted to share a few more shopping stories with you in this post!

My last visit to this location was actually on opening day so it was a stark contrast to walk into a nearly empty store. Apparently I arrived before the crowd which was definitely to my advantage. As it turned out, this was one of my favorite thrift store experiences because I could really shop at my leisure without anyone getting in my way.

(For the curious: It was a Monday morning!)

Once I got over the shock of how quiet it was, I got right to shopping.

Like the other Madison-area Goodwills, this location was spacious, organized, and well kept. While there were whispers of the new Middleton store having too much Target merch, I can conclude that this store was primarily donations from the public.

I also appreciate the fact that this, and all 11 other Madison-area locations, have a half-off colored tag special every Sunday and Monday. I’m all about saving money!

Excited by the thrill of the hunt, I made it my mission to find as many things as I could from my thrifting wishlist. Unfortunately I failed but I did manage to find a bunch of other neat things that I couldn’t live without. I’ll be sharing all of them in my March thrift haul video at the end of the month!

Lastly, we have to talk about what I wore! I sported a pair of my favorite thrifted denim overalls in an attempt to manifest more overalls into my life, per my thrifting wishlist.

I did not end up getting any similar pieces but I did manage to draw the attention of an older gentlemen who saw my vintage smiley faced button and assumed I worked there. After hearing his plea for a price check on a pack of lightbulbs, I gently directed him toward a real employee. This was definitely not my first time getting mistaken as a thrift store employee. 😆

Speaking of employees.. it was such a delight to meet with a few of the team members at Goodwill Stoughton!

The supervisor, Carolyn, was excited to share with me that Madison’s new professional soccer team Forward Madison FC would be doing a meet & greet at the store on Saturday, March 16th. If you’re out and about, it would be a great time to support the team and the store!

I will definitely be back again in the future. Stoughton is a thriving city and this Goodwill location is a big part of that. Thank you so much for having me, Goodwill Stoughton, and I’ll see ya later!