It’s Easy Wearing Green

Outfit: green hair by Pravana, chambray button up, suede cognac skirt, pink flats, fuschia lipstick by YSL

A wise frog once said that it’s not easy being green but, I’d have to disagree. I’ve found it pretty easy wearing green, so far…

The green I’m referring to is, of course, my brand new ‘do. Trust me, I’m just as surprised as you are to see it on my head! If I didn’t have the Snapchats to prove it, I would not have believed it myself. (Oh, did you know I’m finally on Snapchat? Follow me as hannah.rupp)

So with a new hair color comes a shift in my wardrobe. My first task was to find out what the heck you wear with green!

Outfit: green hair by Pravana, chambray button up, suede cognac skirt, pink flats, fuschia lipstick by YSL green-02 Outfit details: chambray button up and suede cognac skirt

I couldn’t get this combo of chambray + cognac suede out of my head and thought it would be a great way to ease into life as a green-head. People would think I look all preppy but then they’d see my hair and know that I’m actually pretty fun.

But because the top and bottom both happened to be neutral, I knew I had to infuse some color in my look. I am anything but boring!

Pink has been with me through all my hair color changes (check it out with my purple hair, pink hair, and then briefly back to purple) so it was an easy choice for me. Seriously, if there’s something pink doesn’t match then I have yet to find it!

green-05 Outfit details: chambray button up, thrifted wooden necklace and blue ombre mani

Once the weather gets its act together, this hair will really get a chance to shine as I’m already scheming up outfit ideas I want to document in the sunshine. (You’re cool with indoor shots until the wind & rain die down, right?)

I am totally ready to celebrate the new season with my new hair. Bring it on, mother nature!

Green hair by Pravana Vivids and fuschia lipstick by YSL
Thrifted top, skirt, and necklace, about $3
Outlet store pink flats, $10
“Green” by Pravana Vivids hair dye
Lip color is Fuschia by YSL



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April 6, 2016 4:42 pm

It looks great! And your ombre manicure does too (is it ombre or am I just seeing different colours one each nail?)!

April 9, 2016 9:38 pm

I’m digging your bold hair color, as well as your style and humor.

April 18, 2016 1:17 am

Your skin tone is magic. Every color hair looks good on you.