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Sizzling Summer Style: What I Would Wear to a BBQ

Sizzling Summer Style: What I Would Wear to a BBQ

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Dressing Up With No Place To Go

Who says you can only get dressed up if you have some place to go? The considerate act of putting on a cute outfit to run a mundane errand is totally valid!

I have many days where leggings and a tunic are the go-to (albeit in fun colors or a cool detail!) but I have just as many days where I try to put some creative effort into what I look like for the tasks of everyday life.

What Would I Wear To a BBQ?

As I wrote on Instagram about this outfit, “Dress for the BBQ you want to be invited to this summer.” And that’s what I did!

Bright colors, soft pants, and fun sunglasses all set the tone for me!

I put together this outfit for Memorial Day weekend when I had to run to Walmart to pick up some craft supplies. But I envisioned what I might wear for a fun get together.

In reality, at Walmart, did anyone stop to compliment me? No. But did I still feel good? Yes. I was expressing a style vision in my head and felt really awesome!

When I got home, I snapped these photos so I wouldn’t forget how cool this outfit was. And if I ever get invited to a real BBQ, maybe I’ll reference these photosand outfit repeat it there??


Thrifted pants, sunglasses, and purse, >$10 | Gifted/thrifted blouse, from Katie | Gifted/vintage earrings, from Redbird Vintage Box | Old Lulu*s sandals | Colourpop Lippie Stix in Bossy

Looking Good, Feeling Good

What’s an outfit you’ve put on recently that made you feel your best? Tell me about it in the comments!

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