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Get Ready in Minutes: Quick and Easy Outfit Recipes to Try

Get Ready in Minutes: Quick and Easy Outfit Recipes to Try

Get Ready in Minutes: Quick and Easy Outfit Recipes to TryOutfit Recipe Ideas

If recipes exist to help us utilize the ingredients in our fridge and cook better, then it makes sense that outfit recipes should exist too right?

The purpose of an outfit recipe is to have a set of guidelines in place to expand your creativity and maximize the wear of your closet.

I love this fresh idea as demonstrated by Kathleen Illustrated, Maia G.V., Wardrobe Whisperer, and so many others.

Today I’m taking their idea and expanding on it a bit with some outfit recipes of my own and showing how they look in real life by using photos from my archive.

Be sure to Pin your favorite outfit to try later. Enjoy!



Outfit Recipes Using Layers

There are endless layering options when it comes to getting dressed. Here are a few outfit recipes to try!

A turtleneck under a sundress – This is one of my favorite ways to tick off the fashion police and get more wear out of my seasonal pieces.

girl wearing a black turtleneck with a striped summer dress over the top. outfit recipes.

A Long Layer + Long Layer – Seen here with a long sweater, long cardigan, and long scarf.

A Long Layer + a Cropped Layer – Ala a maxi dress and cropped denim jacket!

A Tight Layer + Long Layer – This long cardigan over a bodycon dress makes it feel very casual.

Other layered looks to try:

Triple Layers (an outfit containing at least 3 layers!) – An example of how to achieve this is with a cami, button-up, and vest.

Quadruple Layers (an outfit with at least 4 layers!) – Similar as above but maybe add a cool scarf or a coat to be your fourth layer!

Outfit Recipes Using New Silhouettes

Play around with different shapes and create something totally new to you!

Baggy + Baggy – Sometimes an oversized fit is exactly what you need!

Other silhouettes to try:

Low Rise + Long Layer – If low rise seems scary (I think so!) then a long layer helps take away some of the ick factor.

Boxy Top + Micro Length – A great bottom option would be shorts or a mini skirt. add tights if you need more coverage!

Tight + Baggy – I love the juxtapositon of different pieces like this!

Outfit Recipes for Particular Pieces

Got a piece in your closet that could use a little outfit magic? Give one of these outfit recipes a try!

Little shorts, Big Top – Who would think to pair a Christmas sweater with shorts?! It’s very cool and unexpected!

Big Shorts + Big Top – The ultimate for warm-weather comfort!

Lil shirt, Big Pants – This is my go-to recipe when I want to feel put together for any event!

Other piece specific outfits to try:

Tiny Top, Long Skirt – Keep things flowy with this combination!

Long Dress + Vest – A vest is the perfect light layer to add to a dress in the summertime.

Matching Set – Wear two pieces that are meant to go together like a blouse and skirt, or a suit jacket and slacks.

Outfit Recipes for Different Styles

If you’re confident with your style and the way you dress, switch it up by mixing in another genre of dress or something completely outside the box!

Pattern Clashing – You can’t go wrong with a classic mixing of patterns!

Hyper Masc + Hyper Femme – Give your girly pieces a makeover by pairing them with an item for the boys.

High Low Dressing – Sequins and sneakers are exactly where my mind goes with this prompt!

Mismatch – Break a few rules. Wear a dress over jeans. Pair together some weird colors. Add a bold accessory that doesn’t go with the rest of your look. Life’s short!

Other style recipes to try:

Monofit + Diagonal – A monofit is described as any outfit using one piece like a dress or a jumpsuit. The diagonal part is adding a crossbody bag or sweater tied at an angle to create a triangular shape that is pleasing to the eye!


Which outfit recipe are you going to try first? Tag me in your Instagram photos! (My link is down below!)



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