The Perfect Pairing With Palazzo Pants

“Haven’t I seen this outfit before?” Probably, but I am the outfit repeater after all.

Almost like clockwork I wear this crop top every summer. It’s so junior and not something I’d expect to own but for some reason it’s found a permanent spot in my closet.

Here’s how I styled it up for this summer!

One word: palazzo pants. I thrifted these last summer and I think we all fan-girl’d over them. They’re so cool, laid back, and classic. I’ve worn them a handful of times for family gatherings and lazy Sundays but this is their first appearance on my blog.

I paired them up with this crop top since it has so much outfit post experience. I like that the veteran clothing item was able to take the rookie under it’s wing and turn out such a beautiful creation. This outfit is one of my favorites in a long time because it just looks good without much effort.

And if wearing this many pink accessories is wrong then I don’t want to be right!

I hope to bring you at least one more outfit starring these palazzo pants but I’m having some trouble pairing them with other items from my closet. For sure they look great with crop tops so I’m keeping an eye out for cute ones while thrifting. (Didn’t I swear off crop tops?! Yet here we are… )

If you take anything away from this outfit post I hope it’s that sometimes the most unexpected clothes can still play a role in your wardrobe. Have you found this to be true?

Lulus sandals, $18 (shop exact shoes)
Thrifted top, earrings and palazzo pants, $2 total
Pink H&M sunglasses, $5
Colourpop lippie stix in Heart On (shop exact lipstick)