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Outfit Photo Dump: What I Wore To Work This Fall

Outfit Photo Dump: What I Wore To Work This Fall

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What I Wore To Work at Maurices

Playing dress-up is so much fun, especially when it’s with the latest and greatest styles from Maurices!

As a social media manager at Maurices, I get to keep up with all the latest trends and share my experiences on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

So if you’re looking to shake up your work wardrobe, have a look and let me know what you think! Who said workwear had to be boring?

What I Wore At Home

Most of my work is done from home but when I need to run to the store to grab photos or say ‘hey’ to my co-workers, I love dressing up.

These outfits are a mix of old Maurices pieces and some of my trusty thrifted faves. I love the resurgence of the cargo/utility pant trend! I’d probably wear them every day if I could. lol

Dressing Down Denim

Denim is a staple in most people’s lives and one of the #1 items I style in outfits to serve as inspiration on our pages. With outfits like these, can you blame me?

These are such fun fall looks that can still carry you through the month of November and your Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving festivities!

Dressing In Basics

I’m a fan of a fashion challenge so if you ask me to style a basic piece, I’ll run with it!

These SuperCush ankle boots (Ugg knock-offs) in every color have been in heavy rotation with the cold-weather outfits I’ve tried on at the store. They’re very opposite from my personal style but I’d be lying if I said they weren’t COMFORTABLE!!

Dressing Up For The Holidays

The holidays are my favorite time to dress for – the glitz, glamour, and SHINY things everywhere. Maurices is full of amazing size-inclusive pieces to help you look pulled together no matter what you celebrate!

Sidenote: is this pink satin set me or what?!

In Clothes-ing

If you’re ever in need of a wardrobe update, be sure to stop by Maurices and look around. Who knows, you may just find your next favorite outfit!

Do you need a style number for a Maurices piece or more information about something I’m wearing? Let me know in the comments!

Also, be sure to Pin your favorite outfit to recreate later!

Outfit Photo Dump: What I Wore To Work This Fall



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