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Really Rad March Thrift Haul Video + April Thrifting Wishlist

Really Rad March Thrift Haul Video + April Thrifting Wishlist

Really Rad March Thrift Haul Video + April Thrifting Wishlist

Let’s take a look back at March with my new thrift haul video and then peek into the future to see what’s on my April thrifting wishlist!

Another month has flown by! Does anyone else track time with the items they thrifted? I can recall January because of the sequin sweater I found and February is remembered by the mint green cassette player.

So what will March be remembered by? Watch my new thrift haul video below to find out! And then keep reading because, back by popular demand, I’m going to start sharing my thrifting wishlist on the regular again. Yay!

Links mentioned in video:

Right now I think March is going to be the month I actually thrifted shoes! What do you think?

But now here’s a look at my April thrifting wishlist. I’ll try to give a brief explanation of each item below the picture because I know they may seem random!

Really Rad March Thrift Haul Video + April Thrifting Wishlist

  • A dress – I’ve spent months searching for a dress to wear to a family wedding next month and have turned up empty handed. I have no particular style in mind, I’m open to whatever the thrifting gods think I’d look good in.
  • A directors chair – This is a Baby-sitters Club thing. Kristy sits in a directors chair to lead all the meetings and I want one of my own to conduct all my thrift hauls in!
  • True Colors on cassette – Oh, Cyndi, where art thou? I feel like I’m getting close with this one. Considering the weird things I’ve bought over the years, who would have guessed that finding a 30 year old cassette tape would be so difficult?!

That’s all, folks! Let me know in the comments what you thrifted this month as well as what’s on your current thrifting wishlist. And remember… be excellent to each other! 🙂

YSL lipstick in Fuchsia, (shop exact lipstick)
Striped dress, (shop exact dress)
DIY earrings/necklace


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