February Monthly Thrift Haul Video

Here’s that February thrift haul video you were hoping for.

As always, I am super excited to present this months thrift haul video to you. Some items you may have already seen in my Valentine’s Day vlog but it’s still just as fun to look at!

I’m always trying to improve my thrift hauls (and videos in general) so I included close-ups for almost every item. Is this a feature you like? Watch my video below and let me know! 🙂

One thing is for sure.. if you’re ever worried about the ’80s being forgotten, just watch one of my thrift haul videos!

Now that you’ve seen what I found, tell me in the comments what your best thrift scores were this month. Don’t leave me hanging!

Thrifted turtleneck, free (as seen in this haul!)
dress, free (from years and years ago)
DIY earrings (inspired by Annika Victoria!)
 Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in “Pink Lust” (shop exact lipstick)