Mall Clothes | Fashion Flashback

I’m going decade diving for the entire month of March and interpreting the fashions of yesteryear by means of magazines, movies, and pop culture of the time. Join me as I visit the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and end the month in the ’80s.

Today is the day I’ve been waiting to talk about all month: 1980’s fashion!


I had a lot of different plans for how I was going to honor the fashion of the ’80s but I do most of my outfit planning on the weekends and this weekend was filled with my 25th birthday celebration. (You can “party” with me on my YouTube channel. I’d love for you to join me for a special interactive birthday party video I made!)

Nevertheless, I am super pumped to jump into this week and deck myself out in my favorite decade.

1980s-fashion-mall-clothes-style-outfit-02 1980s-fashion-mall-clothes-style-outfit-04

This outfit had no direct inspiration and that was kind of scary to me. All of my “Fashion Flashback” outfits this month have been heavily researched to get accurate. But the difference between the other decades and the 1980’s is that I feel very connected to the ’80s.

So the loose inspiration for this look was mall culture. I love the mall. More so the mall of the past rather than what we know today. (Let’s be real.. online shopping has killed brick and mortar businesses!)

The book/website Malls Across America has had a big influence on me and my perspective of ’80s style. I love that people would use the hallway as their runway, intentionally or not. Of course I had to put together a sassy shopping ensemble which included this splashy skirt, an off-the-shoulder crop top, my trusty pork pie hat, and the most rad acid washed fringed jacket I’ve ever seen!

1980s-fashion-mall-clothes-style-outfit-06 1980s-fashion-mall-clothes-style-outfit-03 1980s-fashion-mall-clothes-style-outfit-07

I am totally diggin’ this look! The only thing that’s getting increasingly difficult with recreating outfits from the past is my limited shoe collection. Thankfully this series is moving closer to our current time and shoe styles aren’t as radically different so I can get away in something like these black flats. But I can’t help thinking how great this would look with jelly sandals or some colorful pumps…

Sounds like a shoe shopping trip to the mall is in order. I better get there STAT!

Thrifted top, skirt, accessories, and purse, about $6 total
Denim Jacket, thrifted
flats, $6
Revlon lipstick in the color Stormy Pink
ASOS pork pie hat, paid with a gift card (old)