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Lazy Day Outfits Comfy Enough To Nap In

Lazy Day Outfits Comfy Enough To Nap In

Why I Love Lazy Day Outfits

If anyone is qualified to talk about lazy day outfits comfy enough to nap in, it’s me.

Hi, I’m Hannah, and I’ve had chronic fatigue for the past 7½ years. (Thanks, dysautonomia!)

Because of my frequent napping, I’ve gotten used to falling asleep in whatever I’m wearing—but some outfits just feel better than others.

Compression stockings for my POTS? No, I don’t think so.

A flowy dress and oversized cardigan to accommodate my gastroparesis? Yes, please!

These are just a few quick examples of outfits I rock when my energy is low and my symptoms are flaring.

With that being said, I wanted to round up some past & current lazy day outfit ideas that you can feel cozy and confident whether you’re a spoonie, going through a challenging season in life, or just prefer comfort over everything else.

Let’s take a look!

Laidback Dresses

A dress is such an easy piece to throw on that doesn’t require precious brain space to figure out. Just put it on your body and you’re good to go. Maxi dresses are my favorite for a nap because of how they hug my body!

Leggings for Laidback Days

Where would we be without leggings?! These are my go-to for appointments, errands, and more. Their comfort passes my nap test, too!

Laidback Layers

A lazy day outfit doesn’t need a lot of fuss but wearing something soft & oversized usual does the trick to add a bit of style back. Bonus points for wearing a kimono or cardigan which is basically a blanket that’s acceptable to wear in public!

One and Done Jumpsuits

When I find a jumpsuit that fits, you can believe that I snatch it up! I like to think of them as an adult onesie. And if it’s good enough for a baby to nap in, then it’s good enough for me!

Just Jammies!

When all else fails, throw on your jammies and stay in bed to recover. Your body will get the rest it deserves and at least you’ll be wearing some cute nightwear!

hannah is a white female with short brown hair. she's smiling in front of a pink background. she's wearing an oversized blue sweatshirt, care bear pajama pants, and pink fuzzy slippers

In Clothes-ing

Keep in mind that what works for me might not necessarily work for you. But I hope this list gives you some idea of what to wear or look for during your next shopping trip!

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