Inspired By The 1950’s | Fashion Flashback

For the entire month of March, I’m going decade diving and interpreting the fashions of yesteryear by means of magazines, movies, and pop culture of the time. Join me as I visit the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and end the month in the ’80s.

Today lets talk: grownup 1950s fashion.


When researching films of the 1950’s, I stumbled upon both Funny Face (with Audrey Hepburn) and Designing Woman (starring Lauren Bacall).

Both movies were equally inspiring sartorially-wise, I ending up enjoying the mysterious storyline of Designing Woman much more. Sorry, Audrey Hepburn, you don’t win this time!

1950s-inspired-outfit-gloves-coat-purple-hair-05 1950s-inspired-outfit-gloves-coat-purple-hair-06 1950s-inspired-outfit-gloves-coat-purple-hair-08

My outfit was a combination of both movies and, full disclosure, I don’t love it. Well, the outfit itself is so pretty and seasonally appropriate, but I just don’t think it does the ’50s justice.

I really had to stretch my closet to find anything that remotely fit the visions that filled my head after watching the movies.

From my point of view, the ’50s was about garments that enhanced your shape, color coordinated sets, and looking perfectly polished. I tried my best to match the silhouette that was seen in Designing Woman and then added the infamous pink color from the opening of Funny Face… and a Kodak camera for good measure.

1950s-inspired-outfit-gloves-coat-purple-hair-10 1950s-inspired-outfit-gloves-coat-purple-hair-04 1950s-inspired-outfit-gloves-coat-purple-hair-07

What I’m getting at is that if I went to a warehouse full of vintage garments, this is not what I would pull for a ’50s look. (Also, if such a place exists, please point me in it’s direction!!)

But I did my best and thank God for these true vintage gloves that recently came into my possession. One of my brothers cleaned out over 100 years of hoard from his grandma’s house (different grandma’s, big family, long story) and has left it up to my mom and I to sort through. While no clothes were in the hoard, a few gems like these gloves and some other random 1980s bits (as seen on my Instagram) were found by me.

This time travelling has been fun and I’m only getting started. Next week on the blog is going to be oodles of 1960s goodness. See you then!

Thrifted top, skirt, coat, camera, and clutch, about $4 total
Family heirloom pink vintage gloves
Beige outlet store t-strap heels, $10
Sparkling Warm Rose lipstick by Avon