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Restyling Your Holiday Clothes for Now and Later

Restyling Your Holiday Clothes for Now and Later

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How To Rewear Your Party Clothes Later

Here’s a little secret: you can wear party clothes to other events. You just have to restyle them strategically!

If you’re done with your fabulous New Year’s Eve outfit and want to bring the oomph back into those clothes, read on…

How To Restyle… A Sequin Tee

I love that this silver sequin tee adds sparkle to whatever you’re wearing.

For my dressy look, I paired it with black and imagined it for a cool NYE outfit. Then after the party, you can throw on jeans and a playful moto jacket for a more laidback vibe!

How To Restyle… Plaid Pants

My thrifted plaid pants get a lot of wear year round so I had fun thinking up two completely opposite looks.

For the holidays – maybe getting a tree or doing some last-minute gift shopping – I wore them with a red sweater, cozy coat, and matching accessories.

But when that’s all over with, these thrifted plaid pants are the perfect companion for a vintage band sweatshirt and distressed denim jacket. I’m all ready for a rock concert!

How To Restyle… A LBD

Everyone likely has a little black dress – whether it’s a wrap, shift, or some other silhouette.

I went back to basics with mine and styled it with completely black accessories for a formal affair, and then lightened it up with a denim jacket and practical flats for a more everyday look.

How To Restyle… A Sequin Dress

Sequins are so much fun to wear but you might not always want the attention that comes with wearing them.

So, go all out with your boldest accessories and wear it for NYE. Then restyle it later with the same jeans + moto jacket trick I shared in the first example.

How To Restyle… A Plaid Blazer

There’s nothing more “holiday” than a tartan plaid pattern. It’s everywhere! For me, it’s part of one of my most beloved thrifted blazers.

I do tend to struggle with this particular plaid past the holidays but I tried my best to imagine it like any other red top in my closet.

For a party look, it was easy to wear with a black dress and red accessories. For something more casual, I styled it with a graphic tee, palazzo pants, and sneakers. In hindsight, I wish I had done wide-leg jeans. Learn from my mistake! (Or take my inspo as-is!)

How To Restyle… A Metallic Jumpsuit

This silver metallic jumpsuit that I thrifted really makes a statement! However, I’ve found that it’s really easy to restyle.

I’ve previously added a crop top over the top portion to give the illusion that I own cool, silver pants. For this example, I flipped that and put on palazzo pants (that match the length and volume of the ‘suit) and dressed it WAY down with a denim jacket.

It hardly looks like the same jumpsuit!

Christmas Wrapping It Up

So next time you’re stuck on styling a “party” piece, remember there is plenty of opportunity to take your holiday clothes and rewear them.

Restyling your holiday clothes allows you to use your investment piece more often and extend its life. That’s totally The Outfit Repeater way!

How To Restyle Your Party Clothes for Now and Later



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