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How To Use A Fashion Mood Board + Outfit Ideas

How To Use A Fashion Mood Board + Outfit Ideas

DIY fashion mood board, how to use a mood board, outfit ideas

Who’s in the mood for a crafty fashion post? You’re in luck! Here’s the what, why, and how of using a fashion mood board.

My Style Secret

Growing up, I loved fashion but I could never really figure it out.

How did people decide what to wear? Did they all secretly have a celebrity stylist living in their closet who would dress them every morning? Where could I get my own cool style?

Then, I discovered mood boards and my outfits were changed forever.

What’s The Deal With Mood Boards?

While I do explain mood boards more in my video below, essentially it’s a space where you visually store your ideas that keep you inspired.

Since I began using a mood board years ago, my personal style started to take shape and I finally figured out how to dress cool.

Watch my new video to find out more details about this magical mood board that I speak of + get outfit examples for people who are visual learners, like myself.

If you have any further questions, I will try my best to answer them in the comments. Please keep in mind that I’m not a fashion guru, just a fashion fan who runs a style blog.

Also, if you already have a mood board, let me know how you use it and what works for you!



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