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Goodwill Interviews ME About Thrifting!

Goodwill Interviews ME About Thrifting!

goodwill of scwi thrift shopping and sustainability interview

You know you’ve made it when Goodwill asks YOU about thrift shopping, sustainable style, and whether Instagram or YouTube are better. (You know, the *important* topics in life)

Keep scrolling for a fun video interview I took part in for National Thrift Store Week or check out the transcript below!

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Video Transcript

What is an outfit repeater? So I define an outfit repeater as someone who’s resourceful with their clothes they already have in their closet which means they remix their clothes into new looks or rewear old ones. An outfit repeater also doesn’t hesitate to thrift clothes and repeat second hand trends or re-wear someone else’s look!

What you like best about thrifting at Goodwill SCWI? I like how consistent the experience is no matter which location you go to. As soon as you get there, you know what kind of vibe to expect. The layouts are all a little different but the faces are just as friendly.

When you’re going through the racks, are you ever surprised by the things you discover? Yes! I mean you never know what someone is going to donate. Whether it’s something vintage or something new with tags. It makes you wonder why they donated it! But their loss is your gain.

[Favorite Goodwill find?] I recently went to the new Verona Goodwill location and found a pair of PJ pants with Care Bears on them. And I love ’80s pop culture and Care Bears and since we’re all pretty much in pajamas these days, they were just the perfect find.

What’s your favorite, go-to item in your closet? I’ve been wearing leggings on repeat lately. But when I do leave the house, I’ve been reaching for jumpsuits or dresses. Just a simple piece that I can throw on and go!

Why is sustainability important to you? Well I think in recent years the fashion industry has become to transparent about what they’re doing and we can no longer pretend that our habits aren’t making an impact on the environment and on other people. And so now we’re all making choices to live better and more sustainably.

Can you explain what “slow fashion” is? I look at slow fashion as the opposite of fast fashion. So instead of being on a constant loop of wearing the latest trends from the mall, you choose clothes from a more sustainable source like a thrift store and create your own trends and wear whatever you like.

Sort of bucking the trends? I think you can still participate in trends even if you’re thrifting. Just be a conscious shopper and don’t buy into every trend but if a trend comes along that you life, feel free to thrift it. Why not?

[Why are young people so drawn to thrifting?] We’re becoming more conscious of sustainability and also price and so thrifting is the perfect marriage of that.

What do your followers look for in clothing style? I think the styles that keep them coming back to my page are the unique, vintage pieces that I find. We all have a love for those tack but good clothes from the 80s and 90s!

Clearance or resale? Resale.

Skirts or pants? Skirts.

Pumps or sandals? Sandals.

Cats or dogs? Cats. [both laugh] That’s an easy one!

Madison or Chicago? Madison.

In terms of art, canvas or photography? Photography.

Repurposed furniture or brand new? Repurposed.

If you had a wishlist, what would be the first thing on it? Right now I do a wishlist and it’s a yellow moto jacket. Top of my list!

What’s your favorite thing your closet right now? Leggings. [David: That’s an easy one.]

Short or long hair? Short!

Netflix or HBO? Netflix.

Baseball or Football? Neither.

Instagram or YouTube? Hmm.. Instagram? (Check out my account for more secondhand style inspo!)

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Thank you to Goodwill of SCWI for asking me to take part in this video series! Click the button below to watch all the interviews with other Goodwill super fans on their Facebook page!




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