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Favorite Fall Outfits of The Past

Favorite Fall Outfits of The Past

With or without cold weather, I am gearing up for fall fashion and gaining inspiration from some of my favorite fall outfits of my past.

If you’re dreaming of tights, scarves, and leaves hitting you from out of nowhere, then you’ve come to the right blog post.

Fall outfit inspiration

I dug through my blog archives from just the last two years and picked out my favorite fall outfits. Per usual, you’ll see that I love re-wearing items in my closet in a new way every time.

Be sure to do some digging on your own in my blog archive if you want to see how else I’ve worn the following pieces!

Favorite Fall Outfits of The Past | The Outfit Repeater

Cinematic Cemetery – I will never not love wearing this little floral shift dress.

Seriously Stylish – This seems like a more fall appropriate way to wear this shift dress but I really love it either way. (See how the Shaped By Style girls have worn it here!)

Favorite Fall Outfits of The Past | The Outfit Repeater

Fashion Blogger In The Wild – Any day I get to wear my Members Only jacket is a good day.

All Dressed Up & No Place To Go- Don’t let the other outfits know this, but this is my favorite outfit of all time.

Favorite Fall Outfits of The Past | The Outfit Repeater

Would You Like Some Mustard With That? – I love how basic this outfit is yet how the unique colors set it apart. It reminds me I can wear cool outfits that aren’t filled with patterns.

Sleepy Hollow – I’ve always thought this outfit made it look like fall threw up on me, but in a good way.

Favorite Fall Outfits of The Past | The Outfit Repeater

Zombie To Fashion – I love that fall gives us a license to wear layers and dark colors without the chance of melting under the hot sun. Fall FTW!

A Modern Audrey Hepburn – Even when wearing dark colors, I love to keep it interesting by pattern mixing.

Favorite Fall Outfits of The Past | The Outfit Repeater

Fashion Week OOTD – Nothing marks the beginning of fall better than New York Fashion Week.

Spots, Dots, & Things I Heart – Thanks to this look I want ALL THE PATTERNED TIGHTS!



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October 1, 2015 10:39 am

I love all these outfits! Those patterned tights are super cute.

Justina Kenyon
Justina Kenyon
October 2, 2015 9:15 am

You rock that sweater dress! I love all of these outfits!

October 2, 2015 11:41 pm

Cute blog post idea. I love seeing pieces put to good use for years at a time. It takes so much more innovation to reuse what you have instead only wearing your outfits once for fear of being seen in the same thing twice. You’re awesome!

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