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What I Wore as a BRIDESMAID!

What I Wore as a BRIDESMAID!

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hannah smiles in front of colorful fall foliage, wearing a long purple bridesmaid dress and black high heels

A Fall Family Wedding

OMG, now my sister got married! On the cusp of my brother tying the knot last month (and my fun thrifted wedding guest dress), now my older sister has gone and done the same.

Weddings are typically a summer event but I guess my family prefers the fall!

For my sister’s nuptials, I was chosen as the maid-of-honor/bridesmaid/witness, which are all roles I’ve never been in and never thought I would be. I lucked out that it was a super tiny wedding and I am the closest person to my sis.

My Purple Bridesmaid Dress

I had a year-long heads up that I was going to be participating and immediately began a purple dress search at thrift stores, on thredUP, Poshmark, friends’ closets, and every wedding or online retail store you can imagine; and with just weeks to spare, still had nothing to show for it. In a desperate feat, I just bought something off of Amazon that vaguely resembled my ideal dress.

Y’all, I hate this dress. I don’t even want to link it. It’s not my dream cut, color, or style. Buuuut the day was about my sister and HER dress was magical, like straight from a fairytale. I was happy to let her shine on the big day!

You might notice my necklace is repeated from my brother’s wedding. It’s a gift from my late great-grandma. I wanted to make sure she was part of the celebration!

And my shoes and these photos are both courtesy of my brother’s new wife. Basically, everything is a family affair! haha

hannah smiles in front of colorful fall foliage, wearing a long purple bridesmaid dress and black high heels

hannah smiles in front of colorful fall foliage, wearing a long purple bridesmaid dress and sparkly crown


Amazon dress, $35 | Borrowed black high heels | Family heirloom necklace | Gifted crown

Fun fact about my crown: my mom won it a couple of weeks ago when we attended Drag Night Bingo together. See more of my drag queen adventure on Instagram!

What Happened At The Wedding

The day went off without a hitch (no pun intended) and was the perfect union of my sister and her new husband’s personalities.

There were details all over the event space that was a reminder of the couple like a Smurf cake topper and the DIY taco bar. It was a truly one-of-a-kind wedding!

I don’t normally divulge a lot of personal details online, especially regarding my family, but I have posted about my big brother, Ethan, in many videos and blog posts in the past and often get requests to share more of him. So here’s some photos of the two of us; we’re pretty sure he’s shrinking. ?

hannah and her brother ethan stand side-by-side smiling in purple wedding attireethan and hannah are in a grassy outdoor area playing giant lawn jenga fall wedding cake, chocolate frosted, vintage smurf wedding cake topper

Wedding Dress Advice

I’ve shared advice and inspiration before about finding an outfit as a wedding guest but this role as a MOH left me stumped. I did everything you’re supposed to do and it still didn’t work for me.

Regardless when it comes to buying a wedding outfit, try thrift stores and online secondhand marketplaces, ask your friends if they have something you can borrow from their closet, use an inspo pic and reverse Google Image search, and be open to ALL retail stores and niche boutiques.

But if none of that works and you still don’t have a dress (oh, and did I mention my shoes got lost in the mail??) then default to Amazon. It’s a crummy corporate giant but it came through with 2-day Prime shipping when nowhere else did!!

wooden sign all you need is love & taco, fall wedding decor



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