Colorful January Monthly Thrift Haul + February Thrifting Wishlist

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Colorful January Monthly Thrift Haul + February Thrifting Wishlist

Based on my finds this month, I predict this will be a great year for thrift hauls!

January Monthly Thrift Haul

I know you’re just here for the magical monthly thrift haul video so I won’t leave too much introduction. Enjoy!

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Rimmel lipstick in “Red Alert” (shop exact lipstick)
Nail polish is “Blue Ming” by Color Club (shop exact nail polish)
Thrifted t-shirt & cardigan

February Thrifting Wishlist

My February thrifting wishlist is mostly a bunch of clothes. What can I say? I’m clothes minded! 😂

Here’s what I’m looking for as well as a quick explanation of what I say to convince my brain that I need it in my life. See more things I’m wishing for on Pinterest!

Colorful January Monthly Thrift Haul + February Thrifting Wishlist the outfit repeater hannah rupp

  • Leopard print skirt. I already have one that I want to wear a lot but don’t. I think it’s because of the length so I want to find an even greater one suited to my style! (See my current skirt here.)
  • Rainbow striped sweater. Going with the colorful theme of this months thrift haul, I want to continue to thrift color and what could be better than a rainbow striped sweater? Plus they’re filling up my fashion inspiration board on Pinterest so I need one stat!
  • Crossbody laptop bag. I was fortunate to get a new laptop last fall but unfortunately it’s bigger than my old one and doesn’t fit in my cute laptop bag. So I’ve been low key searching for a replacement at the thrift store but haven’t had much luck. I’m putting it out there so now maybe I’ll find one!


Thank you for joining me for another monthly thrift haul video. Let me know in the comments what your favorite item was and what you’re hoping to thrift next month!

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Colorful January Monthly Thrift Haul + February Thrifting Wishlist




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