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She Smiles Shares Her Best Blogging & Life Advice | #MoreThanEnough

She Smiles Shares Her Best Blogging & Life Advice | #MoreThanEnough

She Smiles Shares Her Best Blogging & Life Advice morethanenough girl boss hannah rupp the outfit repeater

This week on my blog is a girl boss takeover! You can expect interviews with woman that will leave you inspired to blog, create, and conquer your life.

Sheila Smires of She Smiles

First up this week is the creator of the #MoreThanEnough campaign Shelia Smires herself! Sheila blogs at She Smiles (very fitting!) and covers topics like fashion, food, and beauty.

She Smiles Shares Her Best Blogging & Life Advice morethanenough girl boss hannah rupp the outfit repeater

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog

I’m Sheila! I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in the beautiful city of San Francisco. I’m obsessed with food, wine and am a loyal Bachelor fan, haha! I’ve always had a thing for writing and fashion so starting my blog 6 years ago felt like a really natural choice. Since then my blog has been rebranded and has evolved into something I never would have dreamed of when I was first uploaded pictures of my outfits instead of paying attention to my college lectures. She Smiles All Day is a blog about my life and adventures here in San Francisco. I cover everything from my favorite styling tips to the best new restaurants to my disastrous but usually hilarious dating stories. My blog is a huge part of my life and I feel very lucky to be able to share it with others.

How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to get started?

I have been blogging for about 6 years. I always had this idea in the back of my head that I wanted to connect with others through my writing. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with journals and story telling. Writing has always been my thing but I’ve also always had a huge passion for beauty and fashion. I wanted to find some sort of outlet where I could combine my love of writing with my fashion addiction and blogging seemed like the perfect fit.

Was there anything that ever held you back from blogging or made you apprehensive?

When I first got started I didn’t tell anyone. I never shared my posts to my Facebook, I didn’t show my friends and I even made a separate Instagram because I was embarrassed. I didn’t know anyone who was doing anything like it and I felt like if my friends and family knew they would think I was seeking attention or would judge me. It took me a couple years to feel comfortable sharing my blog with the people in my life and I was pleasantly surprised to realized how supportive everyone was. I have never had a single person react to my blog with anything other than interest and positivity. At least to my face haha.

Once I realized I wanted to blog for a living I knew that I had to get over this fear of sharing my writing with the world and I started posting my links everywhere. I didn’t want to feel ashamed about this huge part of my life anymore and I decided to just own it!

She Smiles Shares Her Best Blogging & Life Advice morethanenough girl boss hannah rupp the outfit repeater

Do you blog full time or on the side? If on the side, what’s your profession?

I am a full time blogger! This is a fairly new development (I went full time in the last year) and one that I have been dreaming of ever since I realized that people could actually make money blogging! Being able to write for a living has always been my dream, I just didn’t know how exactly it would manifest. Being able to spend my days writing and connecting with my awesome community it totally surreal.

I also am a Blogging Success Coach and run a small consulting company where I teach other women how to build, grow and monetize their blogs successfully! I received so many emails every day asking me for blogging advice that I turned it into a business. I love that both jobs work together so seamlessly and allow me to help other women in different ways.

What’s your best general career advice?

My best career advice is to be coachable. Before I was a blogger I was a manager at Victoria’s Secret for six years and I climbed up the management ladder very quickly (I was only 23 when I became a store manager). I attribute my success to my unwavering commitment to always be receptive to feedback. I was always willing to receive constructive criticism and I took every piece of advice seriously. I did not protest or push back. I not only welcomed the feedback but I also requested it. This allowed me to learn new skills and improve my performance extremely quickly. There was no job above or below me and I was grateful for every opportunity to learn.

My ability to be coachable still remains with me even though I’m my own boss now. I have worked with a business coach as well as just being open to feedback from my readers and peers. I am always trying to beat my best and improve the quality of my content. If you can focus on improving every single day then you’ll always see progress.

What do you think makes someone a #girlboss?

A girl boss is a woman who is driven, confident and comfortable following her own path. She knows herself inside and out and trusts her gut. She stands up for herself and holds herself to a high standard, in business and in life. A girl boss takes control of every situation and handles moments of stress and self doubt with grace. A girl boss has a specific vision for her life in mind and works every day to get closer to it.

What are your favorite ways to make yourself feel confident?

If I’m having a moment of insecurity I like to either mentally or sometimes even physically list all of the reasons why I love myself. Sometimes I just need a little reminder! I also love to do my hair, wear a bold lip and throw on an outfit that makes me feel amazing! It’s a great pick-me up!

She Smiles Shares Her Best Blogging & Life Advice morethanenough girl boss hannah rupp the outfit repeater

What advice would you give someone who is struggling to find their personal style?

My advice would be to stay really true to yourself. It can be easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else is wearing. Instead of trying out trend after trend just because it’s what all of the fashion bloggers are wearing or because you see it everywhere, focus on the trends that you actually like. Pay attention to the styles that catch your eye and inspire you. So what if neutrals are everywhere? If you love bold colors, then wear bold colors! Don’t allow that feeling of “I would have no idea how to style that” hold you back either. If you see a piece you’re obsessed with but aren’t sure how to style it, get it and then do some research. Search Pinterest or your favorite blogs to find ways to style your new power piece!

What is your go-to power outfit?

I love a good fitted skirt, a cute bodysuit, a blazer and a killer pair of booties. It’s not your traditional work wear look but I feel my most confident when I have a little height (I’m 5’2) and feel extra feminine. I feel powerful when I feel sexy and skirts do that for me. I also love moto jackets and am a firm believer that they can be styled with any look, so you’ll catch me in those often as well.

How do you feel women could do a better job supporting one another?

I think as women we could a better job being more conscious about how we speak and think about one another. I am the first to admit that while I am a proud feminist there have been times where I’ve made a snarky comment to a friend about another women’s appearance or personality without even really knowing her. That’s so not cool. We should be lifting each other up and celebrating each other. I think being aware about how you talk about other women is a great first step in shifting your mindset to one of support and empowerment.

Do you ever experience social media envy? If so, how do you overcome it?

It’s a daily occurrence! I wrote a whole blog post about it back in September after attending my first ever NYFW. I was so excited to be there and found the entire experience so thrilling and inspiring, but at the same time something was a little off. I realized the problem was that I was spending too much time on Instagram, scrolling through my feed and getting envious of the bloggers who got to go to bigger shows and events. I was robbing myself of this amazing experience I had dreamed of since I was a little girl. I finally decided to stop looking at social media and to just fully immerse myself into the experience and felt 10 times better.

While I still struggle with social media envy, I try to remind myself that every picture I post certainly doesn’t represent every moment of my life. It’s just a highlight reel. I know this is true for everyone and I just have to remember that no one’s life is perfect.

What advice would you give to an aspiring blogger?

Take the time you need to get organized. Know what you want your brand to represent, having plan for the type of content you want to create and who you want to help with your writing. Once you have those details nailed down go for it! I think planning is important but you shouldn’t use it as an excuse to prevent you from actually starting your blog. It doesn’t have to be perfect and you can always make changes later!

I would also say that remaining positive and resilient is important. It can be discouraging in the beginning when you feel like no one is reading your stuff but just remember that everyone has a beginning and don’t compare yourself to other bloggers. Focus on yourself and celebrate every small success along the way!


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She Smiles Shares Her Best Blogging & Life Advice morethanenough girl boss hannah rupp the outfit repeater




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