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Boring Clothes? No, Thanks!

Boring Clothes? No, Thanks!

Vintage inspired outfit: Beige dress, long faux pearl necklace, vintage head scarf, red lipstick, black flats.It’s not very often that you see me wearing basic outfits around here and it’s pretty simple why not – I’m allergic to boring clothes.

You’re probably wondering to yourself why for my first official outfit post after my blog vacation, why I’d show you some boring beige dress. (Especially after teasing you my new brightly hued ‘do!)

I thrifted this dress a few months ago because it’s summer and I was lured in with it’s effortless, sleeveless design. It also reminded me of a dress I wore a couple years ago to a wedding. You’ll never guess what inspired this outfit – yep, that outfit I wore to the wedding.
Outfit details: long faux vintage pearl necklace, beige dressBut since I needed a look for everyday errands and not to watch my friends get hitched, I changed up a few key details.

The first change is that I added a casual vibe by wearing my favorite black flats. They’re much more practical than high heels and still allow me to run from creepy bugs in my backyard that attack me during photoshoots.

The other casual element I added was wearing this vintage printed scarf up in my tousled curly hair.

Outfit details: red checkered picnic blanket, vintage head scarf Summer day, red checkered picnic blanket, milkweed flower

If I can wear boring clothes, so can you!

All it takes is a little imagination, an afternoon on Pinterest, and a vision for how to add your own style to a garment. Seeing as my dress is a neutral, I can envision it styled in the future with second favorite neutral – leopard print!

How do you add some pizazz to your wardrobe basics? Let’s chat in the comments. 🙂
Vintage inspired outfit: Beige dress, long faux pearl necklace, vintage head scarf, red lipstick, sunny summer field
Beige dress – $1.23 (thrifted)
Faux pearl necklace – vintage gift
Head scarf – .25 cents (garage sale)
Flats – $6 (Wal-Mart)
Red lipstick – Stoplight Red by Wet’n’Wild



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Ana Valentin
Ana Valentin
September 1, 2015 6:49 pm

How pretty are you?! Also Love the headband detail and the scarf. It’s the little things that can make a big thing, right?

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