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5 Easy Ways To Step Up Your Summer Outfits

5 Easy Ways To Step Up Your Summer Outfits

Summer outfits inspiration

Don’t let summer steal your style! Take it back with some inspiration from The Outfit Repeater archives.

Memorial Day is right around the corner which means it’s the unofficial kick-off to summer. With a little creativity & planning, you can remain stylish all summer long. Today I’m using some old outfits as examples to show you how to do it + give you some tips for beating the heat.


maxi dresses and skirts summer outfits inspiration

Maxi dresses & skirts are the answer to when it’s breezy and you want to wear a dress, or you don’t want the world to get a glimpse of your winter white legs.

My maxi’s are in constant rotation with my shorts so I can tell you firsthand that they’re a great investment!


shorts for summer outfits inspirationAdvanced Style

Speaking of shorts, they’re my second favorite thing to wear in hot weather! Gone are the days of denim cutoffs, we live in a time full of so much variety.

There is seriously a pair of shorts out there to express every style. From plaid to floral and everything in between. Don’t limit yourself to denim, it’s worth it to have some crazy cuts & patterns in your arsenal.

Sleeveless Tops

sleeveless tops summer outfits inspiration Crop Top, Cropped Hair

Sleeveless tops are a must when you feel like your body is literally melting. Wearing one is like being naked but without all the actual nakedness.

Plus they’re one of the few items from my list that you can wear year long! Add them under shirts for modesty, throw it over a swimsuit as a cover, and whatever else you can think of. Tank tops are like the MacGyver of any wardrobe.


dresses for summer outfits inspirationLady In Red

A dress is another item you can wear year long but they’re so much easier to pull off in the summer. They take a lot less styling and imagination!

But for my own sake of keeping things interesting, I do like to wear a fun pair of sandals and jazz things up with jewelry. Just because you can throw-and-go with a dress, doesn’t mean you have to. It’s great having options!

The Rule of 3

the secret to summer outfits inspiration

My final piece of advice is the secret to making any outfit awesome: wear 3 pieces. That might seem like a stretch when you’re dying of heat stroke but trust me, you can do it.

Even two tank tops + shorts count as 3 pieces. What about a dress, vest, and necklace? Boom, 3 pieces!

The reason for three is that it’s more visually appealing than two pieces but less bulky than four pieces. When it doubt, wear three pieces and you’ll be the most interesting person around. Granted you’re not standing close to Oprah. 😉

Are you excited for the challenge of dressing for the summer or are you already over it? Be sure share to your style secrets in the comments because we’re all in this together!



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Madame Ostrich
Madame Ostrich
May 25, 2016 6:22 pm

Girl, I am totally with you! Dresses are the greatest invention ever for hot weather days, they are breezy and require very little styling at most!

May 26, 2022 6:12 am

Thanks for sharing great guide to set up summer outfits. I liked it so much.

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