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A Fall Clothing Haul, Y’all!

A Fall Clothing Haul, Y’all!

thrifted fall outfit ideas hannah ruppThrifted Fall Outfit Ideas

It’s been so long since I shared any type of thrift haul! Has it really been since August?!

This post is long overdue then!

I’ve picked up some really fun pieces for fall in recent months so I styled them and am excited to share some thrifted fall outfit inspiration!

(So, technically these outfits aren’t meant for fall, but I bought the pieces in the fall so that counts by default, right?)

Red-dy For Fall Fashion

You can’t go wrong with pulling colors from fall foilage into your outfit.

From this row of photos, I thrifted the flouncy striped crop top that I paired with these rusty orange-y palazzo pants that I previously bought from thredUP.

Next is a rich orange cardigan. If you think you can’t pull off a certain color (like, yuck, orange!) remember that there’s a plethora of shades and tones out there. I’ve found this darker, cool tone compliments my skin tone well!

My third outfit has a pink denim jacket that I’ve had on my thrifting wishlist for awhile. I got it for a steal since the store was going out of business! (Insert sad face!!!)

And probably my greatest find this season are these red palazzo pants… are you sensing a theme with my bottoms? I’m embracing lots of color and non-skinny leg openings. The bolder, the better!

New & Blue

Blue is always a go-to color for me!

I bought the first two dresses as options for a fall wedding I attended. Neither of them made the cut. So can someone invite me somewhere so I have an excuse to wear them? They’re too cute to sit in the back of my closet!

The third look features a denim kimono. As soon as I saw it, I thought it was something special. But I doubted it was something special I needed in my life. Thankfully my thrifting buddy (aka my mom) and I talked it through and knew I needed it. It’s so cool and unique!

You might think the last outfit is showing off this sequin dress (bought from thredUP many years ago) but it’s actually all about the holographic belt bag! I don’t know how much wear I’ll get out of it but I always love a good belt bag.

The Dark Side of My Closet

Contrary to popular belief, I do wear black and other dark colors. Just not too often!

I saw this black oversized vintage pullover sweater while thrifting and grabbed it so fast. This is my favorite cut of sweater and it’s so hard to find!

Next… OMG… let’s just take a collective deep breath… PLAID HIGH WAISTED PANTS! I’ve wanted a pair for as long as I can remember! I had no faith that they would fit me but I took them to the dressing room with me anyways and got the surprise of my life when they fit like a glove! They will definitely get a lot of wear come Christmas time.

Can you spot the next item I thrifted? It’s a leopard print sweater! Out of everything in this post, it’s been on repeat the most. I wore it 3 times in one week. Yikes!

And the last good is this buttery soft brown faux leather jacket. I kept petting it at the store because it was so soft. It complements so much of a my wardrobe so it was a good buy!

Still On A Yellow Streak

Yellow is another autumnal color that’s having a moment right now. Of course I’ve added lots of it to my closet!

First is this air-y little summer dress. It’s identical to the red one I shared in my last thrift haul. It was an easy ‘yes’ for me!

Then can we talk about this sweatshirt? TBH, I’ve got like 3 yellow sweatshirts now so I don’t need anymore but this longer length one was too good to pass up. I picked up the rainbow leggings for fun from a community closet!

The third outfit has a new-to-me baby blue cardigan. I was totally smitten by the color! Just imagine the outfit possibilities!

And in the very last outfit, I’m wearing a pink mini dress that I scored on Poshmark. It’s identical to the polka dot dress from my last thrift haul. Hey, when you like something, why not buy doubles?

Time For Me To Leaf

What was your favorite outfit in this post? Be sure to Pin it to use as outfit inspo later!



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