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1 Winter Coat, 3 Ways

1 Winter Coat, 3 Ways

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Step Up Your Winter Coat Game

I may not have the answer for combating the Winter blues but I do know how to accessorize your go-to Winter coat to help it feel fresh and interesting all season long.

Let’s dive into 3 ways to restyle your coat for a small boost of happiness in the Winter months!

The coat in this post was bought using store credit provided by thredUP. All opinions expressed are my own.

hannah is smiling outside in front of a pile of snow. she's wearing a blue puffer coat, jeans, and snow boots.

Coat Update: Accessorizing With Black

The first restyle I have to share is a way to keep things within your comfort zone by accessorizing with the color black.

While it’s not normally my go-to, it has a very chic and incognito feel to it!

I achieved this look with a thrifted black beret, a faux fur scarf, and heart sunglasses. (To add back a bit of my own personality, of course!)

Coat Update: Accessorizing With Fall Gear

With cold weather taking up so much of our time in Wisconsin, it’s silly to store our fall finds for the season. Instead, I keep wearing the colors and patterns of Autumn well into the Winter!

For this look, I added an oversized plaid scarf and a mustard yellow hat to keep me warm and stylish. Despite the accessories being made for fall, the colors look really good with my thrifted puffer coat! Who cares if I’m so last season?

Coat Update: Accessorizing With Color

Of course you were going to see a rainbow outfit in this post. I’m pretty obsessed with all these accessories and love how they look together!

I’m no expert but I also think that wearing a rainbow outfit in the Winter is sure to brighten up anyone’s mood and snag you lots of compliments. It’s a win-win!

Wrapping Things Up

These are just 3 ideas to rotate within your Winter wardrobe. Imagine how many you could create if you have multiple coats, scarves, hats, etc!

For me, I love thrifting my cold weather gear. There’s already so much out there and can be pretty inexpensive, or even free if you look in the right places.

Want more ideas for accessorizing your Winter coat? Try these!

Wear a pair of earmuffs under your usual hat – or alone – for more warmth and protection.
Layer your scarves for a look that’s totally unique to you. Think of fun colors and patterns you can mix together!
Complete the look with sunglasses. Did you know it’s still very important to wear sunglasses and sunscreen in winter because of the UV rays reflecting off the bright snow? Plus, not only do they keep your eyes feeling fresh and less irritated by slowing down moisture evaporation, but they also save you from squinting in the sun’s reflection off ice and snow. Bonus: fewer wrinkles on your whole face!


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