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What I Wore To Work at Maurices This Winter

What I Wore To Work at Maurices This Winter

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What I Wore To Work At Maurices

We’re finally past the busy holiday season, winter dressing is in full effect, and spring trends are starting to drop!

Working at a local Maurices as a social media manager, I get to see all the styles firsthand and try them on for our  Instagram and Facebook pages.

It’s definitely a lot of fun playing dress up but even more rewarding that I get to share them with you all and talk through the fits. #DreamJob

Let’s explore what I’ve been wearing lately to the store, in the store, and beyond!

Festive Fits

The holiday season was fast and fun, as usual. Red is really my color so I was in my element with all the new arrivals. I even stepped outside my comfort zone with a baseball cap. Who am I?!

And while I didn’t work any floor shifts, I did stop in to join our Ugly Sweater competition on social media. What do you think of my cat sweater?! I think it’s purrrfect!

Dressing in Dark Colors

I always feel incognito when I wear black. Two of these are actually the same outfit-it’s what I wore on Black Friday with and without a coat. I popped into the store to host a live video so I wanted to look cute with my clothes from home!

The other looks were created with pieces at the store. I really went hard with the styling videos this season so those looks are from that!

Brrrgundy Outfits

I didn’t realize until writing this post how much burgundy we’ve had in the store lately! All of these looks were styled at different times but look pretty stylish when seen side-by-side!

It is a color I like to wear. It can be paired with so much! Which one is your favorite?

Just Jeanuary Things

Did you know January is a great time for clearance AND for buying jeans? It’s when an onslaught of new denim trends arrives for the year.

I know it can be intimidating trying to squeeze into jeans after the holiday season but luckily most of them are made with comfy stretch these days. I may have even bought a pair from this round-up. Any guesses which ones?

Fits From Home & Cozy Layers

Most of my work is done from home but when I need to run to the store to grab photos or say ‘hey’ to my co-workers, I love coming up with some new combos from my thrifted closet.

The first two outfits are a mix of old Maurices pieces and some of my trusty thrifted faves. The last outfits are ones I made up in the store using cozy pieces we had at the time.

In Clothes-ing 

And that’s all for now!

If you’re ever in need of a wardrobe update, be sure to stop by Maurices and look around. Who knows, you may just find your next favorite outfit!

Do you need a style number for a Maurices piece or more information about something I’m wearing? Let me know in the comments!

Also, be sure to Pin your favorite outfit to recreate later!



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