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Weird September Monthly Thrift Haul Video

Weird September Monthly Thrift Haul Video

hannah rupp the outfit repeater september thrift haul weird all t-shirt busted tees

Things are getting weird in my new monthly thrift haul video.

This has been one of my favorite thrift hauls in awhile because everything is so colorful and weird. Not to mention I am killin’ it with the bad puns!

Watch my thrift haul below for rad clothes, retro music, and everything in between!

?What I’m Wearing?

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After watching the video you might notice I found so many thrifting wishlist items. The power of attraction seems to be working for me so I’m going to keep up the momentum by posting a thrifting wishlist for October and then keep my fingers crossed that my good fortune continues!

(Pssst! You can find my more wishlist items on my Pinterest board.)

october thrifting wishlist clothes fashion mug hannah rupp the outfit repeaster

  • Sequin T-shirt: Is it dressy? Is it casual? Who cares?! It’s sequins!
  • Navy Blue Cardigan: I have so many outfit ideas but no navy blue cardigan to complete them. Gotta change that!
  • Coffee mugs: With all the excess of mugs at thrift stores you’d think I’d be able to find, like, one that I favor? Not yet!

Want to make some of your own thrifting dreams come true? Use code “HANNAH” for 50% off on thredUP orders up to $50 because I like you so much.

Thank you for joining me for another monthly thrift haul video! Be sure to share this video with your ~weird~ friends for good internet karma.

weird september thrift haul hannah rupp the outfit repeater video fashion clothes household


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