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A Thrifters Guide To Using Pinterest

A Thrifters Guide To Using Pinterest

how to use pinterest as a thrifter guide thrift stores hannah rupp the outfit repeaterIntroduction: Pinterest for Thrifters

Is it just me or does anyone else get lost scrolling on Pinterest?

Pinterest is amazing at being a search engine, an inspiration curation tool, and even a social media network.

In the spirit of being “social”, I’m starting up a group board just for YOU! I want to invite all secondhand fashionistas to use the board to share their thrifted outfits.

Why is this important? It’s an opportunity to make your style go viral on a high-traffic platform, it helps us reach (and possibly convert!) non-thrifters, plus it’s a nice way to connect the community and get outfit inspiration you can use in the future.

On a platform that so often features high-end looks that ain’t nobody got money for, this is a refreshing change and it’s only possible with your contribution!

Click here to get added to the board and then continue reading this post for other ways Pinterest can greatly benefit thrift store shoppers!

Using Pinterest as a Thrifter: Make a Wishlist!

A thrifting wishlist is my secret trick to getting exactly what I want when I’m shopping. You might have seen mine on Pinterest or at the end of all my thrift haul video posts and for good reason!

It’s used in the same way you make a grocery list before going out, I use my thrifting wishlist to remind me of what I’m looking for and help me stay on task.

And it’s so simple to make! Just browse on Pinterest for what you’re interested in and add it to a board. Now you’ve got an instant visual list of what you’re looking for!

In the long run, this curves the temptation to buy things I have no use for, save money, and help me navigate stores more efficiently since I know what areas I need to be in and vice versa.

Using Pinterest as a Thrifter: Find Outfit Inspiration

Of course you can find outfit inspiration on Pinterest, as I just mentioned a group board above to help us out.

But going beyond that, you can find highly coveted looks that you could challenge yourself to recreate from a thrift store. Set a budget, set a timer, and get out there and make it happen!

personal stylist hannah rupp the outfit repeater thrifting goodwill thrift store madison, wisconsin secondhand clothes

Using Pinterest as a Thrifter: Discover New Thrift Stores

Aside from dreamy outfit inspiration, Pinterest is a great destination to discover new stores to visit. This isn’t an exact science but theoretically you can use the search bar as a conventional search engine and see what Pinterest comes up with.

For example: My THRIFT MAP is Pinned on Pinterest and it comes up in the search results. You can use terms like “thrift stores” “charity shops” “secondhand clothing” and the like to find similar listings.

Using Pinterest as a Thrifter: Connect With Like-minded Individuals 

While Pinterest isn’t your standard social media network, you can still use it to find cool new people, share your inspiring images to the world, and DM interesting Pins to your friends. All of those little things can help you stay connected!

A few group boards I would recommend checking out if you want to meet some stylish thrifters are…

Cats in my Closet Group Board

Thriftanista Social Club Group Board

{Thrift Style Fashion} Group Board

thrift babes secondhand fashion bloggers hannah rupp the outfit repeater madison wisconsin

In Conclusion

I hope this post helped you out and shared a few Pinterest tips that you didn’t know before. Please Pin this post for future reference and join the group board so we can see your thrifted outfit. I’ll be frequently re-pinning my favorites so be sure to bring your best looks to the table!



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