Thrifted Summer Lookbook Video

spring summer thrifted clothing outfit lookbook hannah rupp the outfit repeaterThrifted Lookbook: 18 Outfit Ideas

Summer is starting to heat up with this thrifted lookbook!

I know, I know, these are technically not “summer” outfits but it is a thrifted lookbook full of pieces I recently picked up secondhand so that counts, ok?

With your feedback from my last thrift haul (thanks!), I styled up 6 articles of clothing into 18 different outfits. This just might be my favorite lookbook to date!

Without further ado, here are 18 thrifted summer outfit ideas to get you inspired.

👗 What I’m Wearing💄

• ASOS pork pie hat (shop exact hat)
• Revlon lipstick in Really Red (shop exact lipstick)
Almost everything is thrifted. Feel free to ask though if you’re curious about a piece!

Video Details

In an effort to keep evolving my lookbooks, I also added some fun facts to this video via “handwritten” post-it notes. I love little touches like that to keep it from feeling too formal. Hopefully you enjoy them – and the outfits – just as much!

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