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June Clothing Thrift Haul + July Thrifting Wishlist

June Clothing Thrift Haul + July Thrifting Wishlist

June monthly thrift haul video

Instead of a June monthly thrift haul, I’m sharing just the clothes I thrifted for the entire month. Never expect the expected with me!

While I did thrift a lot this month (I can’t even count how many 50% off sales I hit up) I feel like I really scored in the clothing department so I chose to share only those in my monthly thrift haul round-up… with try-ons, of course!

If you’re still wishing you could see the household items, I did feature some stuff in my vlog last week alongside Billy Joel. (The real guy, not just me holding his cassette!)

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Pinterest thrifting wishlist
Billy Joel Vlog + Thrift Haul
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Before I share my upcoming thrifting wishlist for July, I want to point out a few successes I had in June.

The first being a denim jacket I wished for last month. Next is a small wallet I wished for in April. And finally a pink coat that was actually sitting on my Pinterest wishlist. Oh and also a white denim jacket that I hadn’t post about yet. Do I sound like an overachiever? Really, I’m just excited!

And now here’s what I’m hoping to find in July along with a little explanation of why.

July Thrifting Wishlist fashion blog hannah rupp the outfit repeater june monthly thrift haul video

  • Blue shirts. Why are there no blue clothes in my closet outside of goofy graphic tees? I need to fill that void ASAP.
  • Jewelry organizer.. for my flair! They’re getting so cluttered in my drawer. I need to SEE them!
  • Colorful purses. I want my purse collection to resemble a rainbow!

I think this is a good place to end things. Don’t forget to tell me in the comments what you want to see styled in a future look book video! And remember… be excellent to each other! ?

june monthly thrift haul video clothing fashion try ons the outfit repeater hannah rupp



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