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What I Bought From thredUP + An Important Update On Their Return Policy

What I Bought From thredUP + An Important Update On Their Return Policy

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What I Bought From thredUP + An Important Update On Their Return PolicyWhat I Bought From thredUP

Thrifting online can be very hit or miss, even when you’re well experienced on a platform and carefully research an item before hitting buy.

One platform I use over and over again is thredUP. thredUP is an online consignment store that carries women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories.

I’m a thredUP partner so if you’re interested in trying it, use my link to get 45% on your first order!

My most recent thredUP purchase had 3 things. All of them were from my thrifting wishlist but all had a slightly different outcome.

Here’s what I bought from thredUP, what I’m keeping, and what I’ll be returning!

What I’m Returning From My thredUP Haul

My first thrifting wishlist item was this pink and orange polka dot maxi dress.

I’ve seen it many times on the thredUP site but it always gets away from me.

I was finally able to snag it and give it a try. Turns out, it was for the best that I didn’t own it sooner because I didn’t end up loving it.

While the colors and polka dot pattern are very ME – I was instantly annoyed with the sleeves riding up. And is anyone else getting Mormon vibes from the cut? I just wasn’t feeling it at all.

hannah is smiling and wearing a pink and orange polka dot floor length maxi dress from thredup

My second thredUP find that I’ll be returning are these peachy high-waisted gaucho pants.

They aren’t too bad at first glance. But the pair I have on my thrifting wishlist are either white or tan colored – not the same color as my skin tone. (Sometimes it’s hard to judge a color from a photo online. You live and you learn!)

I was also hoping for something a bit higher-waisted. And I was surprised they had no pockets! No pockets are a no-go for me!

hannah is smiling wear a brown striped crop top and peach wide leg capri pants from thredup

What I’m Keeping From My thredUP Haul

When all else fails, a cute purse (or backpack, in my case!) is always a one-size-fits-all solution.

This yellow Baggu backpack has been on my thrifting wishlist. The color is even more vibrant in person!

I like to carry backpacks for days full of long errands and I think this one will be perfect for that!

hannah is smiling and wearing a blue maxi dress and has a yellow baggu backpack slung on her shoulder from thredup

An Update On The thredUP Return Policy

thredUP has made yet another update!

In the past, making a return on thredUP was pretty straightforward. If you had something to return, they would give you a label to print and give you a refund to your original form of payment. There was also a small relisting fee they took out.

With the new thredUP return policy update, if you return an item, you’re given the option of getting an IMMEDIATE thredUP shopping credit (slightly less than what you paid)  and you can KEEP the item. Seems like a great deal, however, the shopping credit will expire in 14 days.screenshot of thredup app and new return policy that lets you keep your reutrn in exchange for store credit

So if you have a constant rotation of thredUP orders showing up on our doorstep – and don’t mind losing a few dollars – the new return policy might be perfect for you!

I imagine they added this option to cut back on so many returns. And how many times have you ALMOST loved an item and thought about making it work but sent it back instead? This would give your item a second chance and a little extra credit in your pocket.

My return choice for this order was to completely return all the items and have it go back to my original form of payment.


If you found this post helpful, be sure to bookmark it or Pin it for later. Let me know what your latest thredUP find was and what you think of this new return policy!

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