Rad Recommendations: Vol. 2

Rad Recommendations: Vol. 2

I absorbed a lot of internet this week to make up for lost time and found some really neat things to share with you in this link round-up!

If you’re new here, Rad Recommendations is a round-up of links & internet things I’ve been digging lately. I’ve put together outfit posts, discount codes, and everything in between. The only qualification for my list is I have to think it’s RAD! So please enjoy my finds…

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored but may contain affiliate links which means I’ll make a few cents if you click through & make a purchase. Thanks for understanding!

Rad Recommendations: Vol. 2

• After watching Safiya wear clothes from 2007, and Kristina transform into a 1950’s housewife .. I think I should test out living like the 1980’s for a week!

• I’ve been on a graphic tee binge and Busted Tees having a 50% off all $20 shirts until Sunday is not helping! (Use code SUNNY at checkout)

This outfit I found on Pinterest is so juicy. It makes me want a watermelon purse STAT!

• And while we’re on the subject.. DIY donut necklace. Need I say more?

Let me know in the comments what radical links you’ve discovered recently. Thanks for reading!