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3 Ways To Repurpose Makeup Bags | DIY Video

3 Ways To Repurpose Makeup Bags | DIY Video

diy purse clutch makeup bags cosmetics beauty subscription service video

Here are three tutorials to help you transform ordinary makeup bags into purses with purpose.

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If you’re anything like me then you probably have a stockpile of mini cosmetic bags that you get from beauty subscription services.

Sometimes I’ll store my makeup in them for overnight trips but more than likely they sit unused in a drawer.

I think they’re too pretty to hide away in your purse and so I sought out to give them a new purpose. Here are three ways to transform makeup bags into something useful! Feel free to watch the video instructions or scroll down for pictures + words.

✂️ Supplies used ✂️
Fabric scissors (shop similar)
Jump rings (shop similar)
Craft pliers (shop similar)
Jewelry chain (shop similar)
Girlprops Bracelet (shop similar)


To ease into this DIY, let’s start with a wristlet which is basically just the makeup bags themselves but with a convenient strap for your wrist. There’s not a lot of fuss to it and you can really have fun customizing the strap! (FWIW, all of these bags are easy to adapt with your personal style. Exercise your creativity!)

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Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is classic and never knows out of style. The best part of of this shoulder bag? How easy peasy it is to make!

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Fanny Pack

My final bag is my favorite because YOU GUYS it’s a fanny pack! I’d also argue that it’s the simplest project to complete on this list. You’re just a few snips away from having the hottest accessory from 1980something!

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Be sure to follow along because later in the week I’ll be modeling one of these DIY purses in an outfit post, as well as doing a “what’s in my bag” style post.

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diy purse clutch makeup bags cosmetics beauty subscription service video



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