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Your Ultimate Guide To Wearing Colorful Tights

Your Ultimate Guide To Wearing Colorful Tights

How To Wear: Colored Tights | The Outfit Repeater

Tights are the answer to everything. Are you too cold? Wear a pair of tights. Outfit too bland? Throw on a pair of colored tights. Need a food strainer in a pinch? Yeah, tights can do that.

Read on for the ultimate inspiration to wear colored tights this winter.

Colored tights are my jam! If they’re not already yours then hopefully this will convince you. I’ve packed this post full of my outfits that are just the thing to win you over. Can you imagine if I had just thrown on a regular pair of black tights? This post might not even exist then!

(And yes, my collection has gotten a bit out of hand in the last few years but can you blame me when I find Target castoffs for so cheap at Goodwill? Didn’t think so.)



Maroon is arguably the most worn color of tights in my closet. I own so many spares and still have so many more outfit ideas for them!

Dark Green

colored-tights-green(outfit one, outfit three)

I like to wear this dark green pair of tights when I’m feeling earthy. What other tights would you expect me to wear with floral and animal print?


colored-tights-yellow(outfit one, outfit two, outfit three)

There used to be a time when I was totally intimidated by yellow tights but it looks like I’m an old pro at wearing them now! They’re the perfect finishing piece for my retro-inspired looks.

Blues & Purples

colored-tights-blues (outfit one, outfit two, outfit threeoutfit five)

I can never say no to a good pair of purple or blue tights. Want more ideas of what to wear with lavender tights? I wrote a blog post all about it. Read it here.


colored-tights-neutrel(outfit one, outfit two, outfit three)

Sometimes I practice personal restraint by adding a pair of neutral tights (I promise they’re not your grandma’s panty hose!) to an already colorful outfit. My cold legs thank me for this in the winter!

Other Colors


And here’s some other tights that don’t get worn as often but are no less loved than any other pair in this post.

There are so many more tights I could highlight but I don’t want to be here all day! If you’re wondering where I get most of my tights, I can personally vouch for the quality of Walmart, Target, and They haven’t steered me wrong so far!

Feel free to share your faves with me in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I hope you feel more inspired the next time you get dressed!



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The Fashion Kidd
November 25, 2015 5:43 pm

All lovely!

November 25, 2015 8:48 pm

Colored tiiiights! I am so glad they’re back in fashion now, only because it makes them easier to find in stores. When I was 12 I went with my family to London and they had this brand called Sock Shop – they were everywhere. The most amazing tights I had ever seen. My big sister bought a pair that were bright yellow-green on one leg and bright purple on the other leg. BLEW MY MIND. I wish I still had those tights! Colored tights 4evah.

Modern Vintage
Modern Vintage
November 26, 2015 6:49 am

I am with you all the way on this. I have a very sizeable (probably too big!) collection of tights – colours, patterns, opaques, sheers, fishnet, dots and spots of various sizes and seams. I prefer to keep wearing the lighter ones for much of the summer months too, at least for work.They can change an outfit and reflect my mood and I think they are probably (well, no, definitely) my most trusted item of fashion! My only compliant is that the high street stores have limited their ranges as the online retailers have taken over. Karen x

Anna Martin
Anna Martin
November 26, 2015 11:01 am

Totally bookmarking this, because colored tights are my absolute weak spot! <3

– Anna

Eccentric Owl
November 29, 2015 11:01 pm

I saw someone say once that it was impossible to wear anything but black tights and look good, and I was like… dude, really??? Colored tights are SO GOOD. And they need to read this post because you are 100% on point with all of these!

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