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How It Started, How It’s Going: Fashion Blog Edition

How It Started, How It’s Going: Fashion Blog Edition

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There’s a recent social media challenge going around with the title “how it started, how it’s going,” where you share progress you’ve made in one area of your life.

I thought it would be fun to reflect back on the amazing transformation my fashion blog has gone through in the last 11 years. (You can also check out my style revolution to see some cringe-worthy old outfits!)

Where I Started

My first blog, An Old Story, was actually started in 2009 and hosted on Blogspot. I was inspired to start a blog after reading What I Wore Today, Delightfully Tacky, and Gabi Fresh. I also knew my way around a camera and loved having fun in my closet so it seemed like an obvious fit.

My first blog was called An Old Story based on the fact that I shared thrifted clothes that I felt all had an old story to tell. I took all my outfit photos in my (admittedly) messy bedroom with a small camera and a self timer. Hey, we all have to start somewhere!

What Happened Next

During the next few years I invested in a camera, a tripod, a remote, and gained more confidence in taking my own photos in public spaces. I always had an interest in photography so it was cool getting to practice while also playing dress up. My two favorite things!

After 6 years, I felt like I had a pretty good grip on this whole blogging thing and spent a few months strategizing a rebrand and thinking about how I could take this hobby more seriously, expand my reach, and pick a name that better reflected who I am. That’s when I became The Outfit Repeater in 2015!

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I moved my entire blog from Blogspot to a self-hosted site on WordPress. (Ugh, what a DIY nightmare!) And eventually I upgraded my camera again (a Canon EOS M6!) and really started to settle into my new role.

How It’s Going

Something unexpected almost stopped everything when, a few years back, I developed chronic fatigue on top of some already present stomach issues. I thought about putting a pause on everything I had built because it was (and still is!) a struggle to concentrate and execute all the ideas I have in my head.

Aside from pre-shooting, drafting, and using scheduling tools, I’ve also come up with another solution to my creative problem.

To alleviate some of my strain, I set-up my own indoor photo studio that’s housed in a corner of my basement. It’s just a paper backdrop from Adorama and some cheap studio lights from Amazon. The system has worked brilliantly!

(I get asked about this choice all the time so now ya know why I don’t take outdoor street style photos like everyone else.)

Since I get most of my energy at night, it’s a huge godsend to be able to shoot photos or film videos indoors at my own pace. I actually wish I had done it back when I was healthy because it’s super handy! Plus, now a pink background has become my signature.

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The Future

I guess in a strange way I’ve come full circle. I started with indoor photos and now I’m doing it again.

My message really hasn’t strayed very far from where I started either. I wanted to share my thrifted & affordable looks online to inspire people to be more conscious about spending and get creative with their wardrobes.

I’m just a couple months shy of turning 30 and it’s wild to know my 20s were so well documented online – all the good and bad outfits included. I feel like I’ll be entering the new decade with a better sense of who I am. I’ve developed more of a signature personal style that incorporates bright colors and edgy accessories and feel less afraid to wear weird stuff. I also lean much harder towards sustainability and secondhand which has come as I’ve grown up and learned more about the environmental impacts that fashion is having on the world.

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Looking back on my fashion blog journey, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’ve always teased that it would take me 10 years to become an overnight success and, well… I’m still working on it. But I’ve also learned that success isn’t everything. It’s honestly such a thrill just to have a creative outlet with an awesome community that’s excited and supports my content after all these years. You guys are the best!

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If you have any questions about starting a fashion blog, I would be happy to lend my expertise. I don’t have all the answers but after 11 years, hopefully I know something.

Please be sure to Pin this post so you can reference it later. Sharing my content makes a big difference and I really appreciate it!

text: fashion blogging then and now on image of colorfully dressed models lined up



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