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My Best thredUP Thrift Finds of The Year + How I Styled Them

My Best thredUP Thrift Finds of The Year + How I Styled Them

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My Best thredUP Finds of 2022

Over the past year, thredUP has continued to help me curate a colorful closet by being able to shop for secondhand clothes online. I have a partnership with them but am a lifelong customer regardless!

I’ve shared many thredUP hauls in 2022 on here where I was honest about the hits and misses.

This post is a big round-up of everything I kept, how I styled it, and what it’s been up to in my closet since I first bought it. Let’s get started!

The Best Coats From thredUP

I live in the Midwest so having a range of stylish but functional coats to choose from to keep up with the weather is important to me. I feel so lucky to add these bright coat options to my wardrobe!

I almost anticipate rain so I have a chance to wear my yellow or pink raincoat. They both get pretty equal wear on wet days!

The Best Accessories From thredUP

I love using Saved Searches on thredUP to find items I don’t normally spot in B&M thrift stores. One example is Baggu totes and purses! I’ve been fortunate enough to find and snag a few over the years, including this black and white patterned one that reminds me of a notebook.

The other accessory I stalk is hats. This bucket hat was on repeat for me ALL summer! And this red beret is such a fab Winter staple.

The Best Dresses & Jumpsuits From thredUP

I set out on a mission this year to find a fun but gothic dress to wear to my brother’s Fall wedding and I found exactly what I was hoping for with time to spare! I haven’t re-worn this dress yet but I hope to find just the right occasion soon.

The other dress & jumpsuit were “just for fun” finds but get a lot of wear on a regular basis because they’re so comfortable and easy to wear!

The Best Cozy Pieces From thredUP

Speaking of comfortable and easy to wear… my loungewear collection is growing thanks to thredUP!

As I’ve been focusing on color and higher quality fabrics for myself, I’m able to be very selective with my choices on thredUP and find exactly what I’m looking for.

No doubt I’ve worn all 3 of these things together at the same time. It’s a cute fit!


If you used thredUP this year, what was your best find? Or what’s on your thrifting wishlist for 2023?

If you’re new to thredUP, you can sign-up using my link and get a $10 credit to start shopping!

My Best thredUP Thrift Finds of 2022 + How I Styled Them



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