A Thrift Exchange Unboxing w/ Kristina of The Eyre Effect

A Thrift Exchange Unboxing w/ Kristina of The Eyre Effect

What do you get when you and a friend go thrifting for one another? You get a thrift exchange, of course.

My friend Kristina of The Eyre Effect and I may be separated by many miles but are tied together by our love of thrifting (among other similarities!). This lead to the idea of doing a thrift exchange with one another.

What is a thrift exchange?

A thrift exchange is simply buying thrift store items for another person and then passing them along. Kristina is from Washington and I’m from Wisconsin so this is like our way of getting to thrift with one another.

We filmed unboxing videos (another internet term that’s basically like opening presents up on camera and giving your first reaction) so you could share in our excitement. Here’s what Kristina sent to me:

To find out what vintage goodies I sent Kristina, you’ll have to pop on over to her blog! While you’re there, I would highly encourage you to snoop around her YouTube channel & all of her social media networks.

Thank you for catching up with us today! Maybe this will inspire you to organize your own exchange with a far-away friend.. or just to go for a fun solo shopping trip? Either way, happy thrifting!

P.S. This is the last day to enter to win a pair of tights from We Love Colors! Winner will be announced in my newsletter this weekend. Good luck!


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  • Oh my! I cannot wait to see you rocking that purple leopard blouse!

    What a fun idea : )


    • Thank you, Suzanne! I can’t wait to see how I wear it, too. LOL

  • Dang it! I JUST remembered that there was one other thing I had wanted to send you! I’m going to stick it into the package I still need to send with your plaid poncho, because I think (if you like purple) it would be a really great item for you!

    I had a lot of fun doing this. Anytime you want to collab in any capacity again, I’m in!

    • No biggie – you know where I live! 😉

      Yes, I’m open to the color purple.

      Absolutely! I’m always thinking up weird, new collabs to try with people so I’m sure there’ll be something. haha

  • Emily

    Augh I really want to do one of these with you some time! Even though I’m not an experienced video person 😉

    • That would be awesome! We could always adapt it for a photo heavy blog post or Instagram exchange. So many options!

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