March Monthly Thrift Haul Video

I pity the fool who doesn’t watch my new thrift haul video.

March Monthly Thrift Haul Video

Happy April Fools day! You really shouldn’t believe everything you hear today unless it’s that I have a new thrift haul video. That is totally the truth!

I felt like I had a lot to live up to because today is April 1st. I thought about parodying my usual thrift haul but I already crack enough jokes in them to be considered borderline trolling. So there are no tricks in my monthly haul, just my usual sense of humor and weird finds!

While this haul couldn’t live up to last month’s “Best Thrift Haul Ever“, I still believe this one is cool because everything I bought reflects a different part of my personality. It’s the perfect get-to-know-me video. Here’s a teaser of some of the clothes I picked up:

Clothes thrifted in the month of March

Not so bad, huh? Watch the video below for the full haul:

Let me know in the comments what your best thrift finds of the month are. I’d love to exchange stories!


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  • I love the lilac dress (OMG SCORE) and the tacky Flintstones looking sweater! You look great as always and I really love the changes to the blog- it looks more and more like you everyday! <3

    • That lilac dress is going to Kristina, if you couldn’t guess. 😉 Why thank you! I finally decided to dive in and try to figure out the whole theme mess. I think it will be a constant work-in-progress! lol

  • Olivia Harding

    Dude! I subbed to you a while back on Bloglovin but for some reason your posts don’t display properly :/ so this is the first post of yours I’ve caught and oh man it was so good! 😀 You might just have convinced my to go on a thrifting hunt again….

    • It’s about time! I was tweaking the layout earlier this week, I wonder if that sent off some alarms in the Bloglovin’ HQ?? Glad you were able to finally read something from me. Yes, please go thrifting! It’s the most fun you can have with only $20 in your pocket. lol