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The Best Monthly Thrift Haul Video Ever!

The Best Monthly Thrift Haul Video Ever!

You might fall in love with the ’70s after watching my new monthly thrift haul. That is, if you can make it through my longest (and best) thrift haul video ever!


I am blown away by all of the good stuff I found while thrifting in February.

Just last month I revealed just how little time I spend actually thrifting. Well, I stuck to my usual plan and it really paid off this time around.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the many great fashion finds you’ll see in my video:


My haul seemed really focused on the ’70s, which wasn’t really my intent. However, I was aiming for thrifting some quality vintage as later this week I’m starting something exciting on my blog where I explore fashion through the different decades. My March outfits won’t be boring, that’s for sure!

Enough about the teaser.. if you’re ready for the video then so am I! You can watch it below or check it out on my YouTube channel. (Subscribers are always welcome!)

FYI for anyone wondering why I repeatedly used a phrase like “I got home and it fit” is because I don’t use dressing rooms at thrift stores. They’re too much hassle for me and are especially useless when it comes to sale days when every person in the joint is trying to use them. That’s just not my gig!

The fashion challenge I mention in the video is how I dressed like The Babysitters Club for a whole week. The jeans really worked, didn’t they?

Well, I’m not sure how any thrift haul I ever post in the future will be able to top this but I’m willing to give it my best shot. Be sure to join me at the end of March to see how I do.

Happy Thrifting!



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March 1, 2016 8:40 am

We totally had those barbies growing up! We had the blue one and pink one – you could dye their hair, right?? Oh yesss…..

Eccentric Owl
March 2, 2016 10:53 am

So one of my friends has the big-arms thing too, and she said one thing she’s done in the past is cut a line up the sleeve and insert a lace panel so that it isn’t so tight. I actually have a 60’s maxi dress that the sleeves are WAY too tight for me, so I plan on doing that.

That WAS a great thrift haul. And it makes me want to go thrifting ASAP.

Lyndsey M
Lyndsey M
March 3, 2016 1:47 pm

I made it all the way through and I loved every single thing you got! I think the burnt orange dress was my favorite honestly- I LOVE it so much!! So I say you went out with a bang ;D.
Also, I totally get you about the arm thing! Even plus size clothing has weird sized sleeves. Even though that keeps you from getting things you want, you always seem to find the best things ever! PS – you can always cut the sleeves off- that’s what I did to my favorite polkadot dress! Sleeves are one thing I don’t worry about when it comes to chopping them off haha. As far as hemming things.. I’ll pass! ;D

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