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I Work For Maurices And This Is What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

I Work For Maurices And This Is What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

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Outfits I Wore To Work at Maurices

Welcome to another edition of what I wore to work! (Did you catch my last what I wore to work post?)

So what do I do that requires me to dress up? I’m a social media manager for a local Maurices. I get to work around clothes all day long!

Here are some of my favorite spring outfits that I’ve wearing and trying on at Maurices. Want to see them in real-time? Give our Instagram or Facebook page a follow!

What I Wore To Work

These are outfits from my own closet that I wore to and from work. They’re mostly thrifted but I do try to choose pieces that emulate current styles from the store or that I’ve bought from Maurices in the past!

Sizzling Summer Styles In Bright Red & Orange

Maurices is really stepping into the dopamine dressing aesthetic this year and it’s been evident in fun silhouettes, playful patterns, and, my favorite, bright colors.

I’ve been gravitating towards the brighter orange and reds when I do try-ons. However, if you’re a ride-or-die fan of black, they still sell plenty of that. lol

Clothes For Your Next Vacation

I don’t have any getaway plans this year but I’ve had fun imagining where I would go in all the fun, warm-weather options we have available right now. And I can’t resist a Manne-twin moment!

In Clothes-ing

That’s all the outfits I have to share right now! Do you need a style number for a Maurices piece or more information about something I’m wearing? Let me know in the comments!

Also, be sure to Pin your favorite outfit to recreate later!

I Work For Maurices And This Is What I've Been Wearing Lately |



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