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Letting My Freak Flag Fly In a Graphic Sweater

Letting My Freak Flag Fly In a Graphic Sweater

The UK called, they want their graphic sweater back!

I’ve talked about fashion being a way to travel through time so why wouldn’t it allow us to travel around the globe? America is my home, Canada is my bae, but now this Union Jack graphic sweater is quickly gaining a spot in my heart. It really is a small world!

Maybe one day I’ll get to visit the UK but, until then, here’s how I styled this sick graphic sweater I picked up for free while thrifting last weekend.

Free sweater?

First of all.. free sweater? Yes, you read that correctly. I talked about thrifting free stuff in my latest thrift haul but I covered it more in depth in this post. If you haven’t tried it, you should!

What I’m Wearing

I wanted to keep the inaugural wear of this sweater pretty laid back so I paired it with my favorite high waisted jeans and then I did a nod to English style with a trench coat (not London Fog, believe it or not) my fake Doc Martens, and a red plaid cross body bag. This was the first time I wore red lipstick in a couple weeks and it kind of felt foreign to me! ba dum tss

But so you would recognize it’s still me, I wore this cute pizza necklace that was gifted to me by Redbird Vintage. Pizza is really where my allegiance lies.

I felt totally posh for a day of running errands plus this sweater kept me feeling cozy.

While I can’t link you to this exact thrifted sweater, I did find some similar ones that pack a punch. Turn off your ad-blocker to view the shopping widget at the end of this post. Cheers!

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