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The Thrifty Girl’s Guide: Entirely Thrifted Outfit!

The Thrifty Girl’s Guide: Entirely Thrifted Outfit!

Join me today for a thrifting show and tell featuring one of my stylish blogger friends.

Justine from The Thrifty Girls Guide might be a familiar face to some of you. We are both former members of the Shaped By Style blog and have remained friends since.

In this post she’s going to share some clothes of her own as well as how she finds a good secondhand deal. Enjoy!
Hello, The Outfit Repeater readers! I’m Justine and I blog on The Thrifty Girl’s Guide. I adore polka dots, country music, Taylor Swift, giggling, sarcasm.

But above all, I’m obsessed with thrift shopping! After years of hunting at thrift stores and consignment shops, I’ve amassed quite the wonderful thrifted wardrobe (if I do say so myself).

Today I’m sharing an entirely thrifted outfit, all from thredUP and Goodwill!

thredUP is my favorite secondhand clothing site! It’s truly the best of both worlds: consignment/thrift shopping at killer prices with the convenience of online browsing! Thrift shopping in person is fantastic; thrift shopping for secondhand items on thredUP is fantastic AND super convenient.

This super twirly Merona skirt and Rag & Bone boots were both killer thredUP finds:

Skirt: Originally $20, Paid $8
Boots: Originally $495 (!!!), Paid $89

And perhaps my favorite Goodwill find EVER is this yellow Old Navy Buffalo plaid button down. It’s impossible to be anything but happy when I wear this 🙂 I’m also wearing one of my DIY no-sew wire headbands.

Button down: Originally $35, Paid $2

When it comes to thrift shopping, I have several tips I always share when people ask me how I score such great finds:


I’ve found a beautiful red peplum dress in the men’s section of Amvets and an old school Polaroid camera in between two skirts at Goodwill. Even if you just take a quick glance around, it’s worth the time. You just never know where an item might end up when you’re thrifting (and that’s a big part of the thrill)!

  • Think outside of the box

This tip obviously goes hand it hand with the tip above. Could a fresh coat of spray paint transform those trinkets into something chic that could be sold at Anthropologie? Could the buttons on that dilapidated jacket spice up another item you already own? Could that dress be just right with a quick wash and some simple sewing?

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box when you spot something intriguing while thrifting.

I shared even more tips in my 5 best thrift shopping tips post earlier this year. Worth a read 🙂

From one thrift shopper to another, thanks, Hannah, for letting me guest post on The Outfit Repeater!

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The Eyre Effect
May 8, 2017 1:01 pm

Yesss! Looking everywhere is such a must! I’ve found so many mis-categorized items, maybe the best one being a 1960’s maxi wrap skirt stuffed into the tablecloth section, or a psychedelic 70’s skirt mixed in with the kids’ clothes! You look so pretty, Justine, and I loooove the color combo and pattern mixing!

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