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My Top 6 Style Goals of 2022

My Top 6 Style Goals of 2022

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My Top 6 Style Goals of 2022 by hannah rupp of the outfit repeater2022 Style Goals

Happy New Year! The number on the calendar may have changed but I believe every day is a chance for a fresh start. I’ve worked on overhauling my closet for the past couple of years and feel really good about where it’s at. Between immense personal growth during the pandemic and turning 30 last year, I’m just feeling much more confident about the choices I’m making in my life.

Despite that, there’s always room for improvement. I did some reflecting after one of my amazing readers asked what my 2022 style/thrift goals are. I haven’t really made any since 2019 so this should be interesting!

In no particular order, these are my 2022 style goals!

Upgrade My Loungewear

I think we’re all at that point where our usual leggings, joggers, and sweatshirts are feeling pretty worn out.

Last year I had more doctor’s appointments and medical tests than ever before so my sweats were worn to the max! I also started working from home as a social media manager and comfort was important to me.

Needless to say, I’d like to buy more casual clothes that reflect where my personal style is going and that help me feel upbeat in my day-to-day situations.

bright yellow hoodie and gray sweatshirt that says "so good" hannah rupp outfit repeater

Buy More Cute Pajamas

Going off the previous goal where I mentioned my health; my biggest and most persistent symptom is fatigue. Y’all, I spent 70% of my 2021 napping! (I did the math 🤣) Yet I haven’t treated myself to new pajamas in 3-4 years. It’s time to overhaul what I have and buy something new or like-new for optimum sleep.

a stack of colorful, 1980s inspired pajamas on a backdrop hannah rupp the outfit repeater

Invest In Basics With “Flair”

I love the direction that my personal style is going in. Lots of color, patterns, and fun silhouettes. My focus right now is finding “basic” items (like t-shirts or jackets) that express where I’m going and have a bit of flair.

mint green tee and baby blue moto jacket on pink background hannah rupp the outfit repeater

Increase The Quality of my Denim Collection

So last year skinny jeans started to decline, which I’m all for, but that means I have to overhaul a lot of my denim!

3 pairs of denim blue jeans on a pink background "hannah rupp" "the outfit repeater"

I have a pair of flares and some overalls but I’m still trying to find an elusive pair of boyfriend jeans for my body type and maybe some denim palazzo pants?! I’m up for experimenting with some new shapes!

Collect Special Occasion Dresses… For Real, This Time!

In my 2018 style goals post, I resolved to add more special occasion dresses to my closet. I followed that up at the end of the year and said I’d like to continue that trend in 2019.

In 2022, guess what I’m still working on? FINDING SPECIAL OCCASION DRESSES!

3 blue special occasion dresses laying on a pink backdrop "hannah rupp" "the outfit repeater"

It’s not that I’m NOT trying, it’s just that I’m so picky about dresses that I’m having trouble finding exactly what I want. Even using thredUP, I struggle to find exactly what I’m looking for. Will that change this year? Stay tuned!

Continue Being Selective About Accessories

Another takeaway from my 2018 style goals wrap-up post was talking about accessories. I no longer try to force myself to wear what I have and have actually spent a considerate amount of time going through what I own and giving away what no longer sparks joy for me.

Now I’m all about being thoughtful about the choices I’m making when I buy or wear a piece. I will never be a jewelry maximalist and I’m finally OK admitting it!

accessories against a pink background. lipstick print scarf, yellow beret, round pink purse, pastel parrot necklace. "hannah rupp" "the outfit repeater"

Wear Are You Going?

Now I’d like to hear about your style goals! What are you hoping to add more of to your closet, or give away, or change? Let’s chat in the comments!

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